Manuel Antonio being the most visited place in Costa Rica is also a sound investment location for international investors. Many people from across the globe, particularly from the United States, invest in Manuel Antonio real estate. This raises a question, why so many people are interested in realty in the locale or anywhere in Costa Rica. Why Costa Rica real estate is so popular? We will examine these questions in the paragraphs below.

Why Manuel Antonio real estate is so hot

The growing demand for investment in Costa Rica homes has pushed the property price in the country upward, particularly in Manuel Antonio which is the most thought-after tourist destination in the country.

The reason behind such a mercuric rise of realty in Costa Rican cities could have been traced in the political stability of the country. Costa Rica is a representative democratic country with the president as the head of state. The republic has three other branches – executive, legislative, and judicial – which ensures that law and order in the country remain top-notch and quality of civil right is not compromised.

Safest place to invest in

Since 1948 when the country has destroyed its army, after winning the civil war, the country has not witnessed any agitation in the land. This gives hope to investors. Another thing that makes them more hopeful is the 2009 report of The Economist.

In a report titled, "Manning the Barricades", The Economist had made a detailed forecast of the world crisis and how it would affect the stability of a political system in the country. In the report which was released in March 2009, the weekly newspaper has provided a study on per-country basis. It ranked each of them, from high to low, for vulnerability of political stability. In the study, Costa Rica was ranked as one of the safest country in the world. Out of 165 countries, only 5 countries fareed better than the Latin American country.

Invest in Manuel Antonio real estate

The rising Manuel Antonio real estate price can be attributed to the combination of scenic locale, beautiful beaches, green forest and political stability, prosperity to the United States and acceptance of the US dollar as a legal tender.

Talking of attractive destinations let me introduce you to the Manuel Antonio National Park which pulls thousands and thousands of visitors every year to this small Costa Rican corner.

Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio or Manuel Antonio National Park is the most visited place in the Latin American country. Last year, as many as 143,520 visitors came here to see the wonder of nature and plunge into the deep water of Pacific Ocean, on the coast of which it is located.

Although it is the smallest of Rican national parks, it is the most visited one. The national park was established in 1972 over 4,014 acres of lands, which before that year was an unprotected natural habitat. The national park has 109 species of mammals and 184 types of birds. The biodiversity of the region is unmatched in the country.

There are four beautiful beaches in the park, namely Manuel Antonio, Playita, Teldoro, and Espadilla Sur. These are white sand beaches with attractive sand berms. They give texture and curvature to the beaches.


Investing in a place like this offers a guaranteed return on investment. The beauty and crowd-pulling ability of Manuel Antonio makes it a destination which will give high return at lesser risk. Political stability and prosperity to the United States will guarantee a risk-free high return. Keeping all these factors in mind, is not it safe to say that investing in Manuel Antonio real estate is a wise decision?

Source by Charles Welkinson

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