Life in human form is rare and an opportunity to celebrate diversity. Six billions of individuals on Earth share habitat with other sentient animals such as fauna, flora. All radiate energy. To honor life is to honor positive energy of diversity. It appears that the humanity evolves the more the gap widens with nature, as though plants and animals were infinitely reproducible. Actually these worlds of fauna, flora and human life are limited resources, not permanent and can be depleted or 'approved'. Life as a human is an opportunity to respect the energy flow between nature and culture and keep harmonic rapports between each other. Be mindful. Breathe in and out. Feel the air. Look around, and observe diversity in forms of life. With your own words, state two or more forms of life you share in your immediate reality. Resolve to engage meaning-fully in compliance these forms in any ways possible to you. Open your heart to all forms of life. Give people, situations or the Planet a chance to breathe also. Meditate on the immense potential offered to human to celebrate life. To help you in this exercise, visualize hearts radiating from your being towards all forms of life and the reality. Imagine these hearts flying in all directions starting from your own heart and landing anywhere it can put a seed of love. As you go along with this practice, feel the nectar of life coming your way and filling your heart with unconventional love.There are no boundaries, no blood lines, and no limits in living in unconventional love. All can tap into it, all can give and receive. It all starts from within.

For each reiki principals it is possible to meditate and improve attitudes. This one is about abundance of integrity. Be mindful. Sit down and release control by breathing in and out. Before judging others, judge your own self. The mind-body-universe connection which connotes you to the reality is an immunity potential of integrity. It all starts from within, the feeling of trustfulness, fulfillment, justice, fairness, or love or any other feelings that strengthens the vital connection with the reality. To achieve balance, a system must be based on integrity and to live in integrity means 'walking the talk'. To stay or maintain good pace on the journey, few things need to go in the rubbish bin.

In your own words, state two or more actions or thoughts you knowly omitted to complete or fulfill. Think of the relevant consequences of the omission for you, others or situations or the Planet. Resolve to take action here and now. As the action is completed, sit down, breathe and fill in your body-mind-universe connection with pure white light. Repeat this as often as a thought or memory pops up in your reality and slowly replace omission with gratitude feeling.

Source by Isabella Dove

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