Breeding dogs – a pastime for some, a livelihood for others – requires patience, dedication, and adequate financial resources. The reasons for breeding are various – from the earning of money to the desire to produce champion show dogs. Breeding Labradors, specifically, is a time honored tradition taken on by those who have a great reverence for this beautiful breed of dog.

Breeding Labradors is done with the utmost respect for the history of the animal as well its place in the modern family home. Equally regal and unassuming, pure-bred Labradors are stunning creatures who were traditionally bred for their hunting ability. Today, breeding Labradors takes this history into consideration while still allowing for the modern Labrador’s family-friendly temperament.

In order to go about breeding Labradors successfully, it is important to understand the general distinguishing features of the animal. The Labrador Retriever can be easily recognized by its strong, athletic body, square jaw, short-haired and shiny coat, short triangular ears, and an otter-like tail. Medium in stature, the Labrador is a sturdy breed; it’s a working dog with a sweet and gentle temperament. The shades of their coats – yellow, black, or chocolate – change their facial appearances slightly. Because of their many attributes, the Labrador does quite well in a show ring and is often bred for these purposes.

The key to breeding Labradors, therefore, is to look to combine all the beautiful features that make it such a good work and show dog with the easy-going temperament that will allow it to be amiable in the ring.

If you are considering breeding Labradors for show purposes, it is best to thoroughly research what judges look for in the ring. There are very specific sizes that judges like to see that differ between male and female Labradors, as well as a variety of face and body features. Look into what makes a successful Labrador show dog before you begin the breeding process.

But no matter what you’re reason for breeding Labradors, if you do it properly and responsibly, you will gain an enormous amount of joy from this beautiful animal.

Source by Michelle Bery

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