"The way your house looks and functions has something to say about the way your inner being is speaking to you." Says Kathryn Robyn. A house can be an outward reflection of the persons living in it. If you are wondering if this is true, drive or walk around your neighborhood and observe the houses, apartments or businesses. Note the colors, condition, and overall appearance of the exterior. What image is being projected?

If one views a house as an outward reflection of the persons living in it, then each room could represent a different aspect of that person or family. For example in Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement, the bathroom represents a place where water escapes. Since water presents money, the bathroom is a very important place relative to prosperity. Looking at ones bathroom with an observer eye can be transforming. Is the room clean? Are all personal products fresh and organized? Clearing clutter and keeping the bathroom sparkling clean opens the way for good to flow into ones life. Since the bathroom also presents elimination, discarding items that are not being used is a meaningful way of powering up the release of thoughts, situations and people that no longer support personal well-being.

Check the plumbing. Are the drains closing properly? Is everything leak-proof and in working order? Since water is a powerful symbol of money and abundance, leaky faucets can symbolize "money going down the drain." Do you ever feel that money "slips through your hands"? Fix leaky pipes, keep drains closed when not in use, and keep the lid on the commode down. Are the fixtures in good repair? Fixing chipped or cracked fixtures can be very symbolic in repairing ones relationship with self. Feeling whole, rather than separated from oneself, makes it easier to move forward in life.

The bathroom also presents purification and preparation. In ancient times the acts of purification and preparation were considered so sacred they were done in temples. Today, the bathroom is the private place where one prepares to meet the world. Bathing and washing thoroughly with clean water and good quality soap can symbolize "washing worries away" purifying negative thoughts and habits and making room for a vibrant, healthy flow to life. The act of carefully and lovingly preparing ones body is a symbol of renewal and regeneration. Stagnant, worn-out ideas and energies easily go down the drain.

Going through the home room-by-room can be a revealing and life-changing experience. Be observant of what you see, smell and feel. What one encounters in the outer has so much to do with what one encounters in the inner. Clear out, clean up, refresh and renew. Remember! Life was meant to be joyous. As Robyn says: "Healing is making a decision to care for your life."

Source by Michele Senac

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