Beaded jewelry is very trendy these days and for good reason. Most beaded pieces are inexpensive enough to be able to enjoy an endless wardrobe of fabulous necklaces, bracelets, and earrings to go with every outfit for casual, professional, and formal occasions. Many beaded jewelry aficionados have discovered the joys of creating their own jewelry designs and more. It's a hobby that most anyone can enjoy. The only warning is that beading can be very addictive with endless applications!

There are beads available in every size, color, and shape to mix and match. Beginners can get started very inexpensively with a few basic tools such as needles, tweezers, wire cutter, crimping tool, and chain-nose pliers. Depending on the piece you want to create you will need stringing wire, or nylon cord and, of course, a selection of pretty beads. One of the best things about this craft is that there is no such thing as an irreparable mistake. If you are not happy with your piece, simply take it apart and try again.

Many begin beading to create jewelry for themselves, friends, and family members. Once techniques are mastered and the passion for beads grows, you will find more projects to incorporate your new skills. Dress up t-shirts and jeans with delica beads or create glass beaded bags for cell phones. Create beaded designs for home accessories like lamp shades, candle holders, and vases. Turn a simple jelly jar into a stunning beaded masterpiece. With a bit of creativity and sense of fun, where there's a bead, there's a way!

Source by Graham Pratt

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