The history of the T-shirt dates back to WWI, well at this time T-shirts were never really accepted as fashionable items, but as we all know now T-shirts have become a part of our day-to-day attire. During WWI T-shirts were considered as undergarments, but now T-shirts have evolved from being just the plain white or black tee to being Trendy T-shirts. These shirts still carry the shape that T-shirts are so well known for; their T shape but with a twist, these shirts have prints and are popular for their creative “fashion statements”. Many adaptations of the T-shirts have emerged since it has become a trend; as they say T-shirts never really go out of style.

These shirts even though have different prints and colors all have one thing in common, they are all T-shirts. The main function of those kinds of shirts is for the wearer to feel a sense of comfort and to feel that he has let out his sense of style. As we all know not everyone has the same taste, some people may go for the Vintage tees other may find the Funny tees more appealing bottom line is that the wearer will be happy with what he is wearing.

Trendy T-shirts can be categorized as:

•Vintage Tees

•Funny Tees

•Personalized Tees

•Graphic Tees

•Retro Tees

•Original designs

•Wacky Tess

•Quoted Tees

•…and so much more.

The wearer will be able to express himself through picking t-shirts that will suit his style; in turn this will make the wearer feel more positive and on edge about himself. They depend on what the wearer finds trendy, it’s all up to the creativeness of the designer or the wearer. These T-shirts are so flexible and just with reference to match any item of clothing. Outstanding Trendy T-shirts are not limited to just those categories above, there are infinite possibilities with what you can do with your T-shirt; these shirts are not bound to the fad of today. Think of it this way, the T-shirt that you give or use will tell people a little something about you, like a mini label, for example:

•Vintage Tees – signifies that you are classy and enjoy light color tones

•Funny Tees – shows your sense of humor and your free spirit

•Personalized Tees – brings out your individuality

•Graphic Tees – shows out your opinions and views

•Retro Tees – brings out the true fashionista, makes the statement “anything is IN as long its worn properly”

•Original designs – develops your creativity and shows you can think outside the box

So the next time you go window shopping and see a nice Trendy T-shirt that you like, whether if it’s for a friend, or if you would just like to treat yourself always remember the shirts speak a little something about yourself. If given as a gift then you give a part of your personality to the wearer of that T-shirt.

Source by Paul Sung

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