The ocean is full of sea life and those that die are washed up on the shore to be ate by the seagulls. It is not much different in society. Men and Women are basically lovers and when they are no longer able to play the game they are cast out of the ocean. And like washed up sea life they become useless to others and even to themselves. Most are left to dry out in the hot sun of retirement villages. The rest die alone in dark rooms. But fortunately there are no seagulls to devour them; They are buried in grave yards.

The love life of a woman is a short one, rarely she makes love after fifty. Menopause has woven out her sexual desire and even if she can be aroused there are few men available. But a woman still has to be told that she is attractive and sexually desirable. All her life she was chased by men and now she is not noticed at all. It is hard for her to admit that she is washed up as a lover. She does everything to restore her youthful looks. But plastic surgery and designer clothes do not hide the fact that she is all washed up. Some frustrated women spend fortunes on dating services hoping to get lucky. But nature can not be reversed. The aging process has taken its toll. The last resort for a woman is to pay for a male companion. But very few women will do it because it is damaging to their self esteem. Escort services have very few women clients. Women need to be loved for who they are and they rarely pay gigolos.


Men are psychologically and sexually different than women. They are designed by nature to play the game of life in a unique way. Men must struggle to find an ego boosting sexual experience. That is their main purpose in life. A rich man is never washed up and out of the game. Trophy women are available to him until he is dead. The ordinary man can also stay in the game as long as he can find a sexually stimulating woman who can boost his ego. But this is difficult when his choices are limited. The absolute losers are the poor and also homely men. They have become washed up early in life. Their only hope is to get a good paying job and have the pleasure of an ego boosting sexual experience. A man does not mind spending money on a woman if he gets what he desires. Most women will return his kindness and give him what he needs, but few will boost his ego. Only an attractive woman can do that. The break up in most relationships is caused by the woman becoming incapable of boosting her mans ego. The result is that the man is bored with her. Separation is sure to follow. This has always been the golden rule and it is unchangeable.

Washed up men and women are not like sea life, they do not have seagulls to make them disappear. A new reality becomes available; It is the shadowy world of the unwanted. The fortunes ones find a retirement community or senior citizen center that keeps them busy. But without the main arena of life it is all an imitation. A game of cards or bingo game can never replace the joy of youth. Most have resigned themselves to life in the slow lane and live respectively. Others grasped for the last straw and try to find a relationship. But it is impossible for a woman that has lost her looks or a man without money. Nature has made them both incompatible. It is a sad story but they are still more fortress then being washed up sea life.

Nature is very clever, it designs a woman to give her love to the best provider. In that way the chances of survival for her offspring will be increased. If she keeps her love to the poor and weak they would die of starvation. This design of nature is seen in the women of modern times. But today's women are not attracted to hunters for food, only men that are capable of earning a decent living. It is impossible for a rich man to have a shortage of women in his bedroom. Women love his money and his skill in getting it. The poor and weak are still shut out of the game. They have nothing to offer a woman. The huntress will always be on the hunt for a good provider. Some hunt even if they have their own money. That is her unchangeable nature. There is nothing wrong with this pattern of a women's behavior, because without it humanity would cease to exist.

The cleverest design of nature was to install in men the "Ego Sex Booster". It forces men to prefer women that lift his self esteem. In that way the most attractive women are selected for breeding. This method is responsible for beautiful offspring. A homely woman can never lift mans self esteem by her sexual bidding alone, she can only lower it. Even an attractive woman can turn off a man if she injures his ego. The ideal woman for a man would be a woman that is constantly inflating his ego. But that is impossible. This is why men are always on the hunt for a new "Ego Sex Booster"

The word "LOVE" has been integrated into the human language to confuse and disguise nature's purpose. People would rather not understand nature's direct approach to life. The egotistical and selfish motives that make up a relationship are now called "LOVE". I think it would be progress in the right direction if the truth was known and accepted.

Source by Melvin Polatnick

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