For many men, the secrets of exactly how to sexually please a woman are a mystery.

They do not have to be.

In this article, I'm going to share with you some of my favorite tips and secrets and reveal to you exactly how you can please your woman sexually every time without fail.

Tip # 1: Learn How to Get Her Aroused

The more aroused a woman is, the more sensitive and responsive her body is to physical and mental stimulation.

In plain English: the wetter you can make her, the better.

Learn to master the basics of creating sexual attraction, building sexual tension, and, perhaps most importantly, how to perform good foreplay. If you can do all these things at an extremely high level, then you'll notice a clear improvement in your partner's sexual enjoyment.

For maximum effect, make sure you engage her mind, not just her body. The body's sensations always follows the mind's desires. The more you can make her want you (ie the higher you can build sexual tension) the better everything will feel for her, and the more aroused she will get.

Tip # 2: Learn to Connect With Her

Every woman is different, and, to make matters even more interesting, what a woman likes will vary greatly from one night to the next.

Techniques and "tricks" are pointless if they're completely opposed to what your partner wants. Learn to communicate her with and connect with her wants, and you'll be a fair way towards giving her amazing sex.

This is an acquired skill, and can take a little while to develop. Try and learn to read the non-verbal signals she sends out, such as how she moans or how quick her breathing is, in addition to the less subtle verbal and / or physical clues.

Tip # 3: Learn Your Anatomy

If you do not know where the clitoris and G spot are, you need to learn. If you do not know what they do, the types of techniques you need to use on them, and the sexual positions that hit each one best, you need to understand that too.

Sexually pleasing a woman, like any other skill on this planet, requires knowledge and certain skills. These skills can be learned fairly easily, but some effort must be put into acquitting them in the first place.

And if you do not have a solid grasp of how things work down there, it's pretty unhelpfully you'll be able to give her the sexual satisfaction she craves.

Tip # 4: Understand It's Not Just About the Orgasm

Putting unnecessary pressure on your partner to orgasm is probably the largest mood killer there is.

Try to remember that for women, the actual act itself is just as, if not more important than the end result. In other words, the actual experience of sex can be wonderful even if they do not orgasm at all. Of course, orgasm always makes it better – but it is important to keep things fun, light, and enjoyable.

After all, is not that the whole reason we have sex in the first place?

Source by Daniel Scott

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