Today, cheetahs are only found in sub-Saharan Africa. Some years back, they were found in vast areas from North Africa to India. As they have many predators, they need to live in areas with tall grass, bushes and large plants to provide for cover. As human clear more of forest land for farming and their occupation, the animals are greatly affected and most either are predated, die from hunger and diseases or migrate to other more habitable places. Most die before they get there. In India they are totally extinct though plans are underway to reintroduce them and breed them in captivity.

It is estimated that Cheetahs originated some four million years ago. This is long before the other big cats could be found anywhere in the world. The oldest fossils were found in North America in Texas, Nevada and Wyoming. They were also commonly found in Africa, Asia and Europe until about 10000 years ago. Climatic changes caused them to totally be extinct in some of these places. Very few remained and it argued that inbreeding at the time made them to be closely related as all cheetahs look alike.

Drought is also a major problem that affects the fastest animal on the face of the earth. Since it is purely a carnivore and does not feed on carrion, finding healthy prey at this time is usually very hard. Most end up starving to death while others get malnourished as even the prey they get is weak and malnourished too. Chances of contracting diseases at this time are very high.

Source by Dickson A Wambugu

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