Wouldn’t it be great if there were one simple thing you could do with your dog to help improve all aspects of your life together?

What if there were a “magic bullet” to help you start getting problem behaviors under control?

Good news! There is magic in walking your dog! By taking the time everyday to just walk your dog properly, you can begin growing closer to your dog than you imagined possible. Something as simple as the walk can make or break the relationship you have with your dog.

What do you think of when I say to walk your dog? Do think “well I walk him up the corner to pee a few times a day.” Maybe you think… “I walk her for 10 minutes when I get home.” You might even say… “I have a 10 acre back yard and my dogs roam free!”

If that is the kind of thing you think when I talk about walking your dog, then take a minute to read this short report and apply what you learn here.

A dog is an animal that was born to walk. Fish were born to swim… birds were born to fly… and dogs were born to walk. In a natural environment devoid of humans, dogs will travel miles for food and water. Since dogs are pack animals, they will naturally follow a strong pack leader who can guide them and keep them in line. Their pack leader is fair and assertive and they will follow him for miles and miles a day. This behavior can be observed in wolf packs and packs of wild dogs.

It is important that you understand that your dog is a pack animal. Let’s take a short tour of your dogs view of psychology… As your dog sees the world there are two social positions… Pack leader and then those who follow the pack leader. Just like in the human world, not every dog is cut out to be the leader. Most dogs are not cut out to be a pack leader; they would rather follow a strong assertive leader.

Your daily walk with your dog is the foundation of your relationship. It is a primal bonding experience that helps you grow closer to your dog while providing needed exercise to help keep your dog balanced. The more high energy your dog is the longer your need to walk them. A five minute walk will simply not cut it. That big back yard is just a big kennel in your dogs eyes… it will not replace the walk.

Knowing that your dog is a pack animal who will either lead or follow… ask yourself these questions… When you are walking who is in front? Who goes out the door first? Who decides where to go? If you answered “my dog” to any of these questions then guess what…. You are your dogs follower.

If you walk your dog and he pulls you up the road… he is the leader. If she runs out the door pulling you along… she is the pack leader. This is where most people’s problems begin. The dog walks them… therefore the human is the follower. This is just simple dog psychology.

To keep your dog balanced you must be the pack leader all the time. On your walks, the ideal position for your dog to be walking is beside you or behind you. Do not allow them to walk in front of you and pull you up the road. Walking in front means leader in the dogs mind. She is not allowed to walk in front you. As a strong pack leader you will no longer allow it. She may fuss and fight… but do not pay it any attention. That will just be her trying to manipulate you in the way she always has. Practice this over and over and over… Your dog needs a leader.

The walk is the most important part of a dog’s life next to food. The bond between pack leader and the pack happens during the walk. With the big breeds (pit bulls, rottweilers, etc) you MUST be the leader in that dogs mind for the safety of everyone.

How to walk your dog… first of all… NEVER EVER allow your dog to exit the house first. EVERY door is yours to walk through first… you are the leader. It is an important psychological barrier to the world of dogs.

Get your leash…. always wait until your dog is calm and seated before putting the leash on. Once you are leashed up practice walking through the door FIRST. If she gets it wrong do it again and again. Never lose your temper…. every dog will just think u are crazy. Dogs won’t listen to mad. If you get frustrated just chill and try the next day.

Make this a daily ritual and you will be pleased with the results. First thing in the morning go walk your dog… I suggest a minimum of 30 minutes a day using a brisk pace. If your dog has a high energy level then extend this to 45 minutes to and hour. Who knows… the walk might even do YOU some good!

As a responsible dog owner it is your job to fulfill your dogs most basic primal needs. When humans bring dogs into our cramped indoor lives we often fail to fulfill their basic needs. If this seems inconvenient to you… just imagine how your dog must feel. He has a deep primal need to migrate and bond with a strong pack leader. Since you have chosen to have a dog in your life that leader is YOU. Fulfilling your dogs most basic needs will get you on your way to having that rewarding close relationship you really want with your dog.

Source by JA Miller

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