This information was sent to me from Dr. Laibow and are his opinions. But the crux of what he says is that we need not worry so much about Avian Flu. Why? Because we can prevent or treat the Avian Flu easily, and naturally according to Dr. Laibow.

Please remember, though, that this information is not a diagnosis or a
Treatment plan. It is educational material intended to help you develop your
Own personalized disease prevention or treatment strategy. You might want to
Consult a nutritional professional or natural physician to help you
Personalize it for you and your family.

The way Avian Flu does its damage to the body is by depleting Vitamin C stores so quickly that the cause of death is fulminate scurvy. This is the same scurvy that killed seamen on long voyages. If we do not get enough Vitamin C, we get sick or die. Humans can not make Vitamin C but we need it for a great many vital processes including immune function and vascular integrity. This type of virus, Avian Flu, uses up Vitamin C stores so quickly that the immune system is overwhelmed and the blood vessels loose their structural integrity.

So, Dr. Laibow says that prevention is Vitamin C: lots and lots and lots of Vitamin C. and treatment? Lots and lots and lots of vitamin C.

This is how Dr. Laibe suggests taking the Vitamin C to be sure you are at an immune level that will keep you well:

Vitamin C is not toxic. Under stress (like a viral infection), your need for
Vitamin C is increased. When your body has had enough, your body will tell you
By soft stools or dirrhea. This is not a sign of toxicity: it is a sign that
You have reached "Bowel Tolerance" (BT). Once you get there (and it can be at
1 gram or 20 grams: your body will tell you), cut back to 75% of the dose that
Representations BT for you and keep taking that dose EVERY DAY.

Write down each of the 4 daily doses of Vitamin C that you take each day
Because you will be increasing your intake gradually until you find the amount
That you need for immune support. This dosage information is important enough
That it could literally save your life so it is worth taking the time to
Record this information carefully and stick to the dosing schedule precisely.
If you mess up, do not quit, but do make your best effort to stick to it.

You will start with 1 gram per dose so, for example, on Day 1, suppose that
You take 1000 mg (= 1 gram) of Vitamin C every 4 hours for a total of 4 grams.
On Day 2, increase the first dose to 2 grams and then take 1 gram for your
Other 3 doses. (You will take 4 doses per day). On day 3, take 2 grams for
Your first and second doses and 1 gram for the remaining two doses. On Day 3,
You would take 2 grams for the first three doses and 1 gram for the next dose.
You would continue increasing your dosage in that way until your body lets you
Know via your GI tract that you've reached the level you need. Now multiply that
Total daily dose by 0.75 and you've got your daily dose.

For example, suppose you reach Bowel Tolerance at 10 doses. Multiply by 0.75
And you now know that you need 7.5 grams of Vitamin C a day for immune system
Support. You would do well to take reasonable doses of Vitamins E and A along
With Zinc and reduced L-Glutathione since they work together with Vitamin C.
How much? That depends upon your weight, health, etc. I would also recommend
That you take a good Multivitamin along with the preventive levels of Vitamin
C described above.

And I hope it goes without saying that the more processed foods you eat, the
More chemicals, flavors, preservatives, pesticides, sugar and artificial
Sweeteners, in short, the more junk you put into your body, the more acidic
Your body will be and the less resistant to viral infection it will be. So now
Would be a great time to switch over to a diet rich in fruits, dark and
Brightly colored veggies, free range animal protein and organic everything.
Those are food choices that build your immune capacity, not bang it around.

You can assist the body in becoming more alkaline by using Alkalife drops. By using 2 drops in an 8 oz glass of water you create alkaline water and this will affect the pH levels of the body and move it in an alkaline direction. Disease can not live in an alkaline environment; However it will flourish in an acidic environment. You can learn more about Alkalife and Bicarb-balance at

Children's doses should be titrated the same way taking the weight of the
Child into account.

That part is important: this part is even more important: at the very first
Indication of anything that might be viral disease, increase your Vitamin C
TO YOUR NEW BOWEL TOLERANCE LEVEL. That level might be very, very high.
Vitamin C is not toxic. Unlike drugs, which poison enzymes and are thus
Capable of severe toxicity, nutrients, especially water soluble ones like
Vitamin C, have no meaningful level of toxicity. Your body knows what you
Need. Pay close attention to it.

In the event that you think you may have the flu, take the amino acids
L-lysine, l-proline and l-glycine. An average size adult can take up to 3
Grams of each one 4 times a day since they help prevent the spread of the
Virus in your body.

My personal regimen for immune health includes high dose Vitamin C and
Vitamins A and E along with zinc and L-Glutathione:

I travel with Olive Leaf Extract, Oil of Oregano (not to be taken by pregnant
Women since it can cause abortions), goldenseal, Echinacea, curcumin (from
Turmeric), probiotics, B complex, fish oil and alpha lipoic acid. I drink
Organic green tea and I do not eat any sugar whatever.

If you do become ill, the best thing you can do is contact a physician who
Practices natural and nutritional medicine and begin a regimen of Intravenous
Vitamin C treatments (you may need between 100 and 200 grams (not milligrams)
For a short time since the Avian Flu is so good at using up your urgently
Needed Vitamin C.

Here's what not to do:

Do not take Tamiflu (oseltamivir). The widely touted antiviral drug (like its
Cousin Relenza or zanamivir) produced drug resistant viruses in 18% of
Children treated with the drug and a drug resistant strain has been found in a
Vietnamese girl treated with the drug. A drug resistant strain would have been a far more dangerous virus than one which had not learned how to evade the drug's effect. Viruses can not become resistant to Vitamin C.

Do not take FluMist

FluMist is a live virus vaccine which introduces between 10 and 100 million
Viruses into the nose. Those viruses are not the same as the Avian Flu and
Therefore do not confer immunity against it since only the identical virus
Could do that. FluMist is based on last years viruses which were not effective
Against last year's viruses. They are certainly not effective against the
Avian Flu virus which has not yet become infectious to humans so no vaccine
Exists against it in its infectious form.

Flu Vaccines for a pandemic version of the Avian Flu do not exist. The only
Way to make a vaccine against a p
articular virus is to have the virus
Available and then make a toxic brew filled with poisons (mercury, aluminum,
Squalene), foreign particles (egg, chick, and other proteins) and contaminants
(Stealth viruses, etc.) That flu virus does not yet exist, we are told.
Assuming that it is not already manufactured and waiting for release in a lab
Somewhere, it would be 6 months ago an Avian Flu vaccine could be ready.
Vaccination with anything else would not help a bit with the Avian Flu strain
Which we are supposedly facing disaster from.

Again all of the above are for educational purposes only. I make no claims about curing anything. These are suggestions that have come to me that I feel are worth consideration. We do not diagnose, treat or cure any disease. There is a host of information on many diseases, which causes them and how to alleviate them at or

Selenium blocks deadly mutations in the Avian Flu virus (J American College
Nutrition 20: 384-88S, 2001; FASEB Journal 15: 1846-48, 2001; Journal
Nutrition 133: 1463-67S, 2003) while elderberry syrup has been shown to be an
Effective flu remedy (J International Med Research 32: 132-40, 2004;
Medical Assoc Journal 4: 919-22, 2002; European Cytokine Network 12: 290-6,
2001; J Alternative Complement Medicine 1: 361-9, 1995). Garlic is a highly
Effective anti viral substance which should be part of your diet (Planta
Medica 58: 417-23, 1992).

Source by Michele Michaels

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