Christmas has come and gone. Spring is fast approaching. In a little while it will be summer. We will be experiencing those warmer (quite possibly hotter) days. This will give us a chance to do sunbathing and frolic in the beach. We can look forward to biking in the park and flying a kite. And we will be able to join those summer camps. For some youths, a summer camp is something to look forward to. But for others, especially those who find it difficult to go out of their shell and socialize, it could be an embarrassing experience which they would rather avoid.

Today’s summer camps have transcended the original holiday camp set up by Pastor Bion in the Alps in 1876. More than a century later, some have made technology education their primary focus. This is in order to cater to a shift in the orientation of most youths from climbing trees, singing songs and flying kites to playing computer games, building robots and designing web sites.

Some contemporary summer camps include a travel program, either domestic or foreign. This will allow the participants to experience and enjoy other cultures or environments. Others provide enrichment courses like digital photography, scuba diving, painting or drama. There are sports camps for basketball, soccer or other summer sports.

Regardless of the type of camp you choose, the underlying concept of being away from home and being with others whom you share a common passion with, is present. Here, you are outside the comforts of your dwelling. You are likely to miss your room and all the familiarity and comfort that go with it. The environment is different. To enjoy the experience, you have to adjust. You have to socialize. And these make both fun and frightful.

The purpose of many summer camps is education and personality development. And the ability of these camps to meet this goal depends on how properly the activities are organized and managed. Let’s face it, some are just better than others. So it is wise to check out your options. There are listings and reviews available in the internet, which you can consult. While you’re at it, check the related forums as well.

Although the common notion is that summer camps are for the young, camps for the mature but young at heart also exist. If you have asthma and respiratory illness, there is a special needs camp for you. See you there!

Source by Cullen Martini

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