Have you ever been to a job interview? Job interviews can be stressful. Walking into an office you get told to sit down. As the manager looks over the your resume you have to sit there and just wait to hear what they will ask. They get to pepper you with question and after question. If they like your answers you will get the job. If they don’t like your answers they will send you on your way.

A situation like this can be stressful. You don’t have any control and someone else got to dictate the results. If you are the hiring manager it’s a great position to be in because you only take the best candidates. When you are the person that is interviewing it’s the worst position to be in because you are more likely to face rejection.

When prospects are calling you from your marketing you want to be in the position of the hiring manager. You want to be able to ask powerful questions and only take the prospects that are the best fit for you and your offering. To put yourself in the control like the hiring manager, consider the following tips for your sales scripts.

  • Stop Statement – To put you in control of the conversation requires taking command of the call in the first few minutes. This means using “stop statements” that prevent them from asking questions and allow you to ask all of the questions in your arsenal of scripts. To stop someone from asking questions you can share with them that you have to “look up the answer to their question” Have a variety of stop statements as part of your sales scripts to put yourself in immediate control.
  • Interest Piquing Questions – Instead of simple questions about your product or service consider improving your scripts to include interest-piquing questions. Interest piquing questions empower the prospect to want to find out more information. The most powerful questions will attack elements of both time and money. Questions that carefully reveal how someone could save time by finding out more will have the prospect identifying you as the expert and get you the sale.

Sales scripts don’t need to share the features of your product. Scripts don’t even need to share about the benefits. By putting yourself in control using stop statements and using interest piquing questions you will be on the path to doubling your sales.

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Source by Todd T Bates

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