There is no question that getting used to a new computer or operating system is always difficult. At the same time, if you have an older machine, it may be very hard to find applications for removing spyware from your computer. That said, you can still make use of prevention methods to limit your risks.

Avoiding Spyware Downloads

If you routinely download music, games, or other types of files, it is best to stop doing so. Without a question, filesharing sites tend to be places where you will most likely come in contact with spyware. Aside from this, if you do not use the Yahoo search engine, you can still paste a domain name into their search box. If the site has malicious code, the search engine may let you know by marking it in red.

Maintaining Your Browser

Even though your hardware may not accommodate a newer operating system, you may still be able to upgrade your browser. This includes switching to safer browsers, such as Firefox, as well as ensuring that you make use of the most secure settings for Internet Explorer. If you come across website that require less secure settings, it is best to simply navigate away from them, rather than risk having malicious code installed on your computer.

As with newer computers, you will need to make use of a combination of methods when it comes to removing spyware from your computer. Typically, the more you do to prevent spyware from installing on your computer, the better off you will be. Unfortunately, you may find that there is no such thing as a solution that will always ensure your computer remains free of spyware infections.

Source by Richard Hadden

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