A handmade shawl is something you could keep or give away as gift. It is available in numerous patterns and designs. It can be hand embroidered, beaded, dyed, or hand painted. If you choose to buy a handmade shawl that is beaded, you can wear it with casual clothing. Then again, if the beads are classy and elegant, you can also wear it on formal occasions. Sequins also make great decorations. They are a little different from beads. However, they are just as stunning and shiny. Sequined scarves and shawls are perfect for night parties and dances. Dyed and hand painted shawls are also nice.

Anyway, a handmade shawl really makes a great gift. The receiver will surely be delighted because you have thought of giving something unique and extraordinary, especially if you customized the shawl yourself. Also, handmade silk is actually the most luxurious and lustrous of all natural textiles. So, if you want someone to feel very special, give her a silky handmade shawl. This will make both of you happy. Plus, it will not cost you a lot of money. On the other hand, if you want to smarten up your dull and boring wardrobe, why not consider wearing a silky shawl yourself? The beauty and luster of this shawl will instantly brighten up your getup. With it, you will not have to worry about people seeing you with the same outfit.

In addition, a silk handmade shawl is a fun way to show your creativity and express your personal style. Wear it around your neck, around your waist, or around your leg. You can also wear it over your shoulders. If you want to wear it as a bandanna or as a head scarf, you may do so, as well. You can even tie it around your hat or bag to look more fashionable. A silk handmade shawl will add style, color, luxury, sensuality, playfulness, and texture to any kind of outfit. It can even serve as a table runner, wall hanging, or bed runner.

Moreover, a handmade shawl made from silk is very durable. So, you can be sure that it does not easily fall apart. Silk is, in fact, the strongest natural fiber. It is even stronger than steel. It is also breathable, and it effectively absorbs moisture. So, during cold seasons, it is cozy and warm; and during hot days, it is comfortable and cool. Furthermore, every handmade shawl is meticulously crafted by an artisan. Usually, these shawls come from simple villages in Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal, and Laos. Silk weaving is the people’s traditional art that reflects their culture and spirit. So, whenever you buy one, you help support someone’s livelihood. You also show that you appreciate the artisans’ talents and skills.

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