For those who are interested to stimulate their perineum or their lover’s perineum, the next question that you might have in mind would be “How do I find my man’s perineum spot?” This is just easy. If you do have the tools and skills, you may easily find the spot that will make you experience the orgasm you have never felt before. This is a release that puts perineum spot on one the list of hottest spots in a man’s body.

The exploration needs to be a partnership. You see, this perineum is situated inside your man’s body. Hence, you need to ask him if he would allow you to explore this part of his anatomy. All you have to do is tell him of its perks and how it can benefit your bedroom rendezvous. Moreover, it is an opportunity for both of you to know more about each other.

The perineum is a part of male prostate. Hence, it would be the same thing if we say that you will give him a prostate massage or you will be searching for his prostate. This gland is situated between the bladder and rectum. It could be accessed by inserting your finger inside his rectum. You simple have to find a bump inside which will tell you of the location of his perineum or prostate.

This is a very sensitive area. The perineum is rich with clusters of sensitive nerve-endings. These are highly sensitive just like the head of his penis. Therefore, you have to be really gentle when you stimulate this spot. You may opt to tap it gently. You may massage it in a circular manner. Whatever you do, make sure that you are being gentle. Just a few tap or pressing would send electric-like sensation within his body.

The perineum spot is different from one man to another. One man can have his bump just two centimetres away from his anus. On the other hand, there are males who have it deep within his rectum. So, you do not have to panic if you weren’t able to find the bump right away. Sometimes, it demands for a little searching. So, take it slow and do not rush.

Since you will be exploring the insides of his anus, you might need a little help. If you notice that your fingers are short and plump, you may simply make use of prostate massager or perineum massager. These are tools that would help you access his prostate without having to insert your finger in his rectum. You simply have to use this instead. It has a handle that would make it easier for you. Also, its design was made to pleasure his perineum, and trigger a prostate orgasm.

Another tool that is very much needed in this activity is lubrication. So, find yourself a good quality lubricant. The product that I use is water-based. There are also oil-based and silicon-based lubricants that are readily available in the market. If you and your man will be using a prostate massager, try to check which lubricant would not ruin its material.

Prepare for some paper towels as prostate orgasm could be a little messy. The liquid that your man will release is much more watery compared to the usual ejaculation they have. Just have the towels by your side so you could easily anticipate with it for their release.

Exploring your man’s body is such an enjoyment. I know that you and your partner will have fun as you try to find your man’s perineum spot.

Source by Martin Stonehaven

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