Panic disorder is a medical condition described by regular and repetitive episodes of severe fear and panic attacks. A lot of people across the world suffer from this kind of disorder. The effect of this disorder can be very severe. Individuals with panic disorder suffer in social situations. They feel the need to hide from people due to extreme anxiety and fear. At some point, they are unable to carry on even with their daily routines, habits and activities. The most common symptom of panic disorder are frequent panic attacks.

What causes panic disorder has been under study for decades. Research suggests that the illness can somehow be linked to the genes – this means that this medical disorder can be hereditary. Further researches also addressed to some other probable causes such as substance abuse such as alcohol and caffeine, stressful lifestyle, and traumatic experiences.

Panic disorder can be very hard to handle if left untreated. It may even lead to more severe mental illness. But if you are suffering from the disorder, do not lose hope just yet because it is completely curable. There are many things that you can do to solve your panic problem. Below are some effective tips that you can do to overcome panic disorder:

Tip # 1: Listen Classical Music
Classical music is very well-known to soothe and relax a person. Countless researches and studies point out that listening to classical music reduces stress. Reducing stress then means reducing chances of a possible panic attack.

There are also lots of positive effects when we listen to relaxing music. These include reducing blood pressure, therapy for pain, and immunity-boost. Classical music is also known to improve a person's IQ level.

Tip # 2: Undergo a Therapy Session
Therapy sessions, cognitive behavioral therapy to be more specific, is said to be an effective answer on how to overcome panic attacks. Cognitive behavioral therapy focuses on what causes or triggers the panic attacks – the way the person thinks and behaves are carefully studied to determine the stimuli of the attack. The person is then helped to see things that he fears in a more realistic way (panic disorder tend to exaggerate things that we fear).

Tip # 3: Deep Breathing
Much like the first tip, deep breathing focuses on reducing stress. Deep breathing is a very well-known stress buster. When faced with a stressful event or experience, try to take a break and take a deep breath. Make it a habit.

Tip # 4: Stop Substance Abuse
Some individuals who have panic disorder are abusive to certain substance. These substitutes include cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, and sedatives. Studies are being conducted and there is a growing number of evidences have been found that correlates and creates a link between panic disorder and abusive use of the said substances.

Substances with caffeine are also said to cause and provoke panic attacks. Tea, coffee, soft drinks, and some energy drinks. Try to lessake of these substances.

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