Bowhunting Mule Deer: Tactics to Overcome One of Hunting's Biggest Challenges

Bowhunting Mule Deer is something many hunters dream about, but is rarely turned into reality. Mule Deer inhabit a vast area of the western half of North America that is characterized by arid deserts, rugged mountains, forests, and prairies. To harvest a mature mule deer with a bow is one of the most difficult things […]

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier – The Teddy Bear Lives

If you are not familiar with this breed, you are in for a treat. When first meeting a Wheaten you are struck by the beautiful coloring of its coat, hence its name, contrasted with dark penetrating eyes, black lips and a large black nose. These terriers are mild-mannered and outgoing dogs that will instantly become […]

Kerima Polotan Tuvera's The Virgin: The Feminist Approach "The Quest of Being a Woman"

Introduction “The Quest of Being a Woman” of Kerima Polotan Tuvera’s The Virgin is a perfect title that shows the same meaning of what feminist criticism is all about. Feminist approach defines the revelation of woman’s real desires and struggles in the society. It aims to expose the patriarchal premises resulting to the prejudices and […]

Durastone Tile – Congoleum's Alternative to Natural Flooring

Durastone tile by Congoleum is a luxury vinyl tile product. Luxury vinyl tiles are a superb alternative to natural tiles such as ceramic, slate, stone and marble. There are multiple reasons that luxury vinyl tiles are a great option to consider for kitchens, bathrooms and any other part of the house. Durastone tiles are extremely […]