Why It's Wise to Invest In Manuel Antonio Real Estate

Manuel Antonio being the most visited place in Costa Rica is also a sound investment location for international investors. Many people from across the globe, particularly from the United States, invest in Manuel Antonio real estate. This raises a question, why so many people are interested in realty in the locale or anywhere in Costa […]

Paradise Lost – The Garden Of Eden

John Milton was born on 9th December, 1608 in London. Milton very nicely blends the Renaissance and Reformation movement in his great literary works. Some of his literary contributions are “Ode on The Morning of Christ’s Nativity,” Paradise Lost,” “L’Allegro” and “II Penseroso” (1633), “Comus ” (1634), “Lycidus” (1637), “Paradise Regained,” “Samson Agonisttes.” Milton’s “Paradise […]

Warning: Beading May Be addicting

Beaded jewelry is very trendy these days and for good reason. Most beaded pieces are inexpensive enough to be able to enjoy an endless wardrobe of fabulous necklaces, bracelets, and earrings to go with every outfit for casual, professional, and formal occasions. Many beaded jewelry aficionados have discovered the joys of creating their own jewelry […]