Corporate Vs Internet – Computing in the Clouds

Corporate computing has revolutionized the current business environment. Not as a mere replacement of a typewriter, computers offer versatile services and increase the productive flow of information. Many time consuming and complex tasks like inventory control, accounting, customer's database etc have been efficiently handled by computing systems. Organizations are trying to make optimum utilization of […]

Guide to Malaysia

Despite its recent economic crisis, Malaysia continues to care along the fast track of development. For visitors, this means that Malaysia is a comfortable country to explore, as the roads are smooth, public transportation is good, and familiar comforts abound in all but the smallest of kampungs (villages). For centuries, Malaysia has been a crossroads […]

New And Unusual Knitting Yarns

In days gone by, yarn was obtained locally. It was usually hand-dyed, of high quality and unique. Things changed, and knitters bought branded yarns that were chemically dyed, of regular though unremarkable quality and were the same the world over. Thank heavens things are changing, and fast! Today, we are seeing the resurgence of unique […]

Interesting Facts About The Falkland Islands (UK) – The World's Last Wilderness!

Welcome to the World’s Last Paradise! A Sanctuary of Unspoilt Beauty The Falkland islands are known to most foreigners for an event: The 1982 Falklands War. But these islands have a lot of positive things. Curiously, the Falklands islands are one of UK’s best-kept secrets: A scenic wilderness rich in fish and abundant marine mammals… […]

Pig Farming: What Is Biosecurity?

Pigs are particularly in need of a level of 'biosecurity' because they live in herds, often thousands of individuals in close proxies in closed buildings, and are susceptible to a wide range of different diseases which can either seriously interrupt growth and productivity, or at Worst wipe out entire herds. These diseases have various 'vectors' […]