Small dog costumes are very attractive that it catches everybody’s attention once stunning and bright colors are used. Your goal is to make your pet look so sexy that you think they can do a fashion parade every time you bring them to the park or going out to the mall or visiting some friends.

However, once the winter season is coming, you should then prepare the outfits of your dog like dog sweater. Dog sweater and dog coat are usually used by your lovely dogs once winter season is on. Include them in your checklist as a must-buy two weeks before winter strikes on. This is important for keeping their body temperature warm while outside is cold.

A dog sweater for instance should be soft and stretchy like those that are knitted. This is usually used when your pet is inside the house or if there is less tendency of getting wet. Aside considering of keeping their temperature warm, the comfort that it can give to your dog should also be considered.

A dog coat is very useful during winter as an outdoor small dog costume. The waterproof yet washable fabrics are best to be used. Placing a hood on it is also an advantage of which will cover the head part of your lovely dog. You can also reuse your raincoat and resize them. Traditionally, weaving cords are used as coats, however, making this will take more time especially if you have no expertise in weaving.

Other small dog costumes or outfits can be used during winter, as long as it can keep your dog warm, and comfortable. Everything is good. So long you have those outfits that can cover their small body either indoor or outdoor. Two thumbs up for caring and giving importance to your pet.

Source by Praline Ramirez

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