We know that love is in the air when nothing has changed but all the people and things that we look at seem special. We see all the events that are happening around us from a wider perspective. Actually, when we fall in love, we see the world in a different light. Our attitude changes for the better and we gain a lot of insights into the meaning of our existence in this beautiful planet. The weather may or may not be perfect, but we find ourselves in high spirits. Everything from a simple flower to the smile of a child, gives us pleasure and we are motivated to live our lives in a fruitful manner. Attribute it to the magic of love; The world suddenly sees a beautiful place to inhibit. We start taking a new look at the problems that life throws upon us and get the inner strength and power to tackle them in an efficient manner.

When love is in the air, we feel it everywhere we look. From the blowing of the trees, to the chirping of the birds, to the whistling of the wind …… it seems that everything in the universe is conspiring against us to fall head over heels in love. We feel joyful inside, we hear our heartbeats quicken with the sound of falling rain drops and our hearts melt when we see the beauty of the rising sun.

This strong feeling within us for our near and dear ones is an all encompassing one. We experience it several times in the course of our lives for various persons. From our parents who take care of us in our childhood; Our grandsparents who shower their affection on us to our friends, lovers, acquaintances and our children … we love a number of people in our lives, albeit in different ways. The emotion of love that we feel in our hearts makes us better as individuals. History is a witness to the fact that many a battles were gone and won and many obstacles were over for the sake of a loved one. People changed the course of their own lives and became better or worse, all for the sake of a smile on the lips of their lovers and friends.

All of us has experienced love, one time of life or another. More often than not, we fall in love in our youth. It is a time of discovery for most of us … we start getting acquainted with ourselves … we slowly come out of our shells ….. and make new friends. It is like meeting ourselves for the first time as individuals, with our distinct personalities and identities. We discover new feelings and emotions within ourselves ….. then we experience the fluttering of first love in our hearts and we are taken completely aback with the intensity of our own emotions. We start feeling love in the air we breathe … and everything around us looks like magic! A moment sent with the person we love looks like eternity and we keep repeating every detail of our rendezvous with our lover in our solitude! Spent in the company of our loved one, each moment is a moment of joy ….. and the joy of that moment of togetherness is invaluable. The people we love seem like the most beautiful people in the entire universe and we are pleasantly surprised by the fact that we are the luckiest persons in the whole world. All of us go through the same feelings, but each of us thinks that we are experiencing something unique. That is the power of love!

At different stages of life, love asses different significance to different people. When we are teenagers in college, we experience love for the first time. It gives a new meaning to our lives and leaves an impression that is often very hard to forget. We carry the experience of these feelings of tenderness and attraction for the rest of our lives. It is said, that whatever we become later in life depends upon our first brush with this magical feeling. Many a poem has been written and many a song has been sung to commemorate the feeling of love and magic of our youth.

We do not stop loving any less, when we reach the middle ages of our lives. By that time, most of us have come to terms with the realities of life and we know our strengths and weaknesses. During this phase in our lives, we are surrounded by friends who love us for what we are and cherish our friendships for all that they are worth.

The last stage in the journey of life is old age. Even at the dusk of our lives, we can experience the magic of love. Many times, we are surprised by the joy and happiness that we see in the faces of old couples. They have ensured the journey of life together and have stood by each other through thick and thin … They help us to truly understand the meaning of a beautiful life.

Source by Katie Marie

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