It’s been a good number of years since I began a personal path for spiritual enlightenment–which started much before my incarceration over an overtly political foolish securities violation. But being behind prison walls simply urged a stepped up shift from the hard pound of the gavel that pulled the rug out from under my life.

Despite how hard we try to get through struggles in life, we seem to often be up against facing stumbling blocks. Many times it seems we can’t do what is important in life to us. Sometime these struggles in life really seem to entirely mess us up.

What is important in life.

This same belief about struggles in life causes strife between neighbors. I mean no negative judgment here, but only an observation that some people learn in particular ways that make life difficult for them.

I haven’t missed a single day in my writing and studying about every day miracles in our lives, and now when questions hit me about what only seems to be struggles in life, most of the time the answer is suddenly available in my mind.

We learn to overcome.

There seems to be a mass belief that what we see in the outer world where struggles in life are common, is more important than our inner world.

We seem to want to live by this mass belief rather than let go of this scarcity mindset. But once you recognize these beliefs you can choose whether or not you agree with them. Life is eternal and so are you and I, and there is nothing to fear.

I do believe change is beginning to take place in the world. We have had for centuries an ego-based thought system in control, and is what corrupts the world with this scarcity mindset. We’re always fearing there is not enough for everyone and where struggles in life seem to be common ground.

This is the underlying belief that is the source of competition and power struggles of civilizations throughout history.

I’m getting crystal clear answers that seem to pop up quickly, with no effort. At first I would question this quickness of receiving–a shift in mind, as I see it now.

You may place yourself in the forefront of the projected forms or images of what you think you are.

There began to be times, and I would be noticing them more each day, when I could find a place to sit in peace with a quiet mind that has no ego-based chatter–say, in the prison yard, maybe noticing the oak tree in its changing seasons outside the barbed-wire and double-razor-edged fence.

Or I might take in the serene sight of a rainbow in the sky, or a bird or two sitting on the back of a bench, or a hawk hovering overhead. A place where I have no thoughts, no struggles in life only simply noticing. I would begin to see a glow of light, radiant, so to speak, surrounding that object.

I hope you may begin to see that there is another way of looking at the world, and that your individual struggles in life are with you and you can easily let go of them.

Could this be my imagination? a slightly negative thought would ask me.

I would disregard that thought, too, and rather, simply enjoy the calmness of the serene beauty I was seeing. I soon decided not to question it any further and simply accept what is important in life

I am usually urged within to let go of these doubting thoughts, and instead to accept life calmly with confidence and faith and realize what is important in life.

To this day when I notice the glow of things, I accept it for what it is, a gift.

From here I hope you can bring to your attention that the mass beliefs by which most individuals live only serve to inhibit spiritual freedom.

To surrendering your struggles in life

Source by James Nussbaumer

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