A Kentucky Derby party is great fun, but I do declare, standing out in the heat of summer to watch those races just get one all over heated! That's why, you'll absolutely have to get the guests at your Kentucky Derby party to create these fun Wallpaper Fans. A gal has got to stay cool!

Wallpaper Fans

This is a very simple, yet elegant Kentucky Derby craft item that only needs the following; Wallpaper scraps, pre-gathered lace trim or ribbon, silk flowers, clothespin, craft glue.

Begin your Kentucky Derby Fan by folding the fan accordion-style with a "" "pleat. Measure and mark half inch lines on the back to use a folding guide before you start folding.

Next, pinch the fan together at the bottom edge. Gently open the top of the fan to form a half circle shape. Use the clothes pin to keep the bottom edge pinch together while you work the glue gun.

On the back of your Kentucky Derby fan, carefully place the tip of the craft glue between each fold and apply a small dab of glue to secure in place. Let the glue dry thoroughly.

Once the glue has dried, you should be able to remove the cloths pin to find that the fan stays in place. This is the fun part of the craft project. Your Kentucky Derby guests can use the craft glue to attach a cluster of silk flowers to their fans or a lace embellishment running along the tops or bottom sides. The pinched end of the fan makes a great handle to hold the elite fans once the guests have completed them.

These are great craft items for your Kentucky Derby party. Just make sure you have large enough scraps of wallpaper for a decent sized fan, about 10 wide by 20 inches long or so.

Source by Gail Leino

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