One of the most gratifying aspects of owning a smaller dog is having the ability to take it for a car ride. Many dogs enjoy riding along with their owners. Some dogs will even temporarily start for a chance to go for a ride. Even though most rides are event free, each car ride presents the possibility for danger. Accidents happen and are the reason why every pet owner should own a dog car seat or a seat belt designed for dogs.

While unpleasantly to think about, accidents can cause an injury or a fatality to any pooch riding in a vehicle. Pet owners now have a few options to keep their dogs safe while going for a ride. Dog car seats are the perfect answer to keeping small dogs safe while traveling with their humans. Just as we protect our two legged children while traveling, we should do the same for our furry children.

There are several types of car seats for small dog breeds. A normal dog seat for the car can be square or rectangular in shape, and is generally deep with a soft and plush pillow inside. Depending upon which style of seat that is chosen, it will either fasten to the seat with a seat belt, or will be attached with a fastener through the head rest. Pet owners can choose from a booster styled seat, a bench booster, a console seat, or a combination car seat / carrier.

Most small dog owners find that their furry friends really enjoy riding on a dog car booster seat. The booster seat gives small dogs a bird's eye view of scenery. Being able to see out of the windows while riding is a real treat for small dogs. Since they are generally short, small dogs find it difficult to view the scenery without some help. This is why so many of the smaller breeds tend to try to ride on top of the center console or stand up to see out the window.

Pet owners take a huge risk when allowing a dog to stand while riding. Purchasing a booster seat that is large enough to accommodate all small dog breeds reduces the risks involved with traveling. The console styled dog car seat is perfect for dogs up to 15 pounds that want to be as close to their humans as possible. Most dog seats have one or more tether straps that are used to connect a dog to the seat. Although these straps can be fastened to a collar, it is highly recommended that a harness is worn to prevent neck injuries.

In addition to providing a pooch with comfort and a phenomenal view, car seats are especially great for keeping the hairs of small fluffy dog ​​breeds off of upholstery. When shopping for a dog car seat, be sure to purchase a durable brand that has many positive reviews. Be sure to choose a seat that will offer safety as well as extreme comfort to ensure that every trip is a safe and cozy adventure.

Source by Mike Hartwick

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