Researching juicers, reviews, and pricing can be a daunting task. Issues you should be watching for are durability complaints, poor customer service, design flaws, efficiency, and safety. When reviewing juicers, keep in mind no product ever satisfies everyone. There are always people with complaints, always. Key things to look for in the reviews are the serious complaints, multiple complaints, even the complaints of dangerous juicers. There are actually some juicers out there that are dangerous!

Along with complaints of a juicer being dangerous, you need to look for complains of durability. As I said, you can scroll through tons of juicers reviews, and you will find some customers that are not satisfied. Multiple complaints of durability problems is a big indicator the juicer may have some problems. You'll see in several juicers and reviews that many models have problems with the wire screen breaking. This is just one of the more common problems. Several juicers out there come with a warranty, so that helps take some of the risk out of buying one with durability issues. Be sure to keep a copy of that warranty handy and know it well!

Another issue you want to avoid is poor customer service. People go running to the internet to post product reviews, when experiencing some really bad customer service. Avoid companies with a reputation for this, because obviously they can be a pain in the butt, but also they can easily render your warranty useless for some piddly reason. Also, a company should stand behind the product they make, and often times poor customer service is a sign that they do not. Keep in mind, one or two juicers and reviews with complaints of poor customer service is probably not an accurate reflection of the company. Everyone has a bad day occasionally, you, me, customer service representatives, and the customers writing the juicers reviews.

Design flaws are another big issue to avoid. Like the machine allowing leaking into the base. This can not only short out your juicers motor, but it can be dangerous in some situations as well. You'll likely see people writing reviews about juice leaking into crevices that can not be cleaned out. This can potentially grow mold. Nobody wants to be making fresh healthy juice with a moldy machine. There are cases in almost every product where one machine comes out defective. So one complaint of this might not be a big deal. If the machine really has design flaws, then you'll see several juicers reviews about it.

Efficiency is important, but you could buy a slightly less efficient juicer if it meets the other standards you've set for your ideal juicer. An efficient juicer means you're going to get more juice for the money. Let's face it, fresh and organic produce is not cheap in most places, getting the most juice you can out of it can save you money in the long run. As a whole, masticating juicers tend to be more efficient than centrifugal, and you'll see many juicers and reviews touting this. However, there are some very efficient centrifugal juicers out there. When researching the juicers and reviews, you'll want to look for customers saying, "dry pulp". This means that the waste, or pulp, has gotten almost all the juice extracted from it. That means the juicer is efficient. If the reviews are saying "wet pulp", that's not a great thing, but really wet pulp or juice at the bottom of the pulp container is really bad. That means you'll have to juice the pulp again, or just suffer to wasting money every time you juice.

Upon researching juicers and reviews, you may find that some juicers are dangerous. Things like metal shavings getting into your juice, the lid flying off during juicing, and moldy areas of the juicer are all things that can cause you to be sick or even injured. This is absolutely the last thing you want in a juicer. If you're sifting through juicers and reviews sites, and you're seeing a lot these types of complaints, steer clear! You might even be able to find a few glowing juicer reviews on the model, but several companies are known for hiring people to put fake reviews up. Try to look at the picture as a whole. What do the majority of the juicers and reviews sites say, and are there just too many complaints on that particular model?

Source by Jennifer Pierce

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