I wanted to increase internet sales and stay sane at the same time. On the outside, to the lay person, it seemed reasonable.

But the daunting task of learning how to spend my time MOST effectively online was becoming a tough one. Should I focus on amazing keyword research to article marketing to squeeze page to home page ???

Or should I focus on proven keyword research to PPC ads to doorway page to Opt-In box to Home page to autoresponders?

There are but 24 short hours in the day and I found that I had become so caught up in about 15 to 16 of them, that the days were getting behind me and there was no PROCESS that had yet been completed.

Let me keep what I am about to share in the "me" as I realize that everyone out there will have different success paths when it comes to learning how YOU can increase internet sales.

I developed a pattern of using one notebook for each PROJECT I found myself working on. And with a steam pot of coffee in the morning when the house was quiet and the birds were my only real distraction, I cam up with dozens of keywords for each.

Each different notebook became more and more full as the days went on with great keywords that I would find and then check at Google to make sure that I could rank well for.

I would then spend the majority of the interior of my day producing content to match the keywords EXACTLY.

Videos matched keywords in project A, articles matched the keywords in project B etc.

By the end of the afternoon, and getting tired, I would by moving toward the goal to increase internet sales by MATCHING my keywords to my content continuously.

The evenings were for "making sure." Making sure the Doorway pages were performing properly in terms of their Quality Score. Making sure the autoresponders all worked.

And in the late evening, after I could see the path that had been forged through the day, the one designed to increase internet sales I would do the one thing that I KNEW would allow me to retire FAR sooner than most … I would Put ALL OF MY EFFORT into writing the greatest emails for my autoresponders that I could.

Because guess what guys, if you go to all the effort in your internet sales paradigm, and then you do not handle the precious customer with two sets of kid gloves, then you just wasted your day.

To increase internet sales I needed a big picture with the prime focus being the delivery of my sales message to my prospects! Plus, I like my head of hair, Dad keep it to me.

Source by Dorothy Miller

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