The majority of people out there think that in order to get into shape, they need two things: a gym membership and lots of time. This is not true. In fact, the only two things that you need are a pair of dumbbells and your bodyweight.

You do not need all the fancy gadgets and equipment you see at the gym. You don’t even need a weight bench. Just grab a pair of adjustable dumbbells, choose ahand full of exercises that work your entire body, and do them.

The biggest lesson that individuals need to learn when trying to make the transition between gym and home workouts is the concept of “less is more.” If your goal is to spend less time working out, then you need to be more efficient with your training.

The number one step is to choose compound movements. Compound movements are exercises that work more than one muscle group at a time. So, replace your dumbbell curls withchinups.

Chinups work the biceps and back at the same time. So you’re essentially hitting two birds with one stone, saving you a lot of time. But don’t just stop at compound movements. Try to perform hybrid movements as well.

Hybrid movements are where you take two or more exercise and combine them to create a brand new exercise. One exercise of a hybrid movement is where you perform a dumbbell clean.

Then, from the same position, squat down holding the dumbbells in the clean position. This is the front squat. Now as you stand back up, press the dumbbells over your head. This is known as the Dumbbell Clean, Front Squat, and Thruster.

Source by Parth Shah

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