Like most people I wanted another hobby. Something I could do on the weekends occasionally and something that would be relaxing. So I decided to enter the world of golf. Something I enjoy watching on TV and always say to myself that it looks easy. Man was I wrong. I quickly found out just how hard this game was and how much practice I really needed. I found myself placing a lot of snowmen on the score card and a few pars here and there if I was lucky. Being the person that I am I wanted to get better and not quit. I wanted those low scores and the exclusion when I get a birdie.

So let me tell you how I changed my golf game and how I learned to lower my golf scores and get those birdies and pars. I figured the best way to improve my golf game is to start from the beginning and work my way towards the hole more. I realized that I needed to fix the technique I had on my swing. I obviously, was not hitting the ball correctly so I searched the correct way to hit the ball of the tee and how my swing should be. I searched for products that had a good review by customers and were affiliated with the golf channel.

Now some of you are probably wondering why I did not just hire a golf pro. Well that is very expensive and I do get more satisfaction when I realize that I did it myself. So after a few days researching products when I had free time I ended up turning on the golf channel one night before I went to bed. All of a sudden the product I've been searching for was on the screen and I was seeing an in person demonstration. I did not waste anytime I ordered this product and got to work right away. Before I knew it I was hitting the fairway and hitting the green in 2 or 3 shots. I ended up getting my first birdie two weeks after I started practice the drills I received.

Here are some of the tips I was able to receive and started practicing.

-Use your pitch wedge on shots that are 80 to 110 yards from the hole. The pitching wedge allows you to hit the ball high and land it softly within 15 feet of the flagstick if it is used correctly. Use a full swing and always remember to finish with a high follow through.

-Use your lob wedge on shots that are under 60 yards. You can also chip from this distance, but if there is any kind of hazard – bunker, water, trees – in your way you need to pitch over them. The lob wedge has a loft of between 56 and 60 degrees and will help your ball get over most hazards. A well-stuck lob wedge will help your get your ball within 8-12 feet of the hole.

I was finally starting to enjoy my new hobby and finally able to relax on the course. The product that golf channel was promoting is called The Five Keys to Distance by Eric Jones. Eric Jones is the World Long Drive Champion.He does not have pointless drills that most programs have and he even lets you test out some practice drills on his sales page found below. It was the best money I have spent in a long time and I because of that I am able to hit the fairway with accuracy.

Source by Trevor MT

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