Did you know you can potty train your cat?

That's right folks, you can potty train your cat to go in the toilet.

1. Start with putting the litter box in front of the toilet.

2. Next start lifting the litter box slowly off the ground with books or something.

3. Make sure the litter box is secured with tape so it does not fall over.

4. Once your cat is comfortable with going in the litter box next to the toilet then you can go to the next step.

5. At this time you put the litter box on top of the toilet with the lid to the toilet closed.

6. When you see your cat is comfortable with step 5 then you can take a colander and put litter in it.

7. Secure the colander under both toilet lids with tape (strong tape) the colander has to be big enough to stay secure on / in the toilet with the tape.

8. As you do this start off with a lot of litter in the colander.

9. Gradually lessen the litter in the colander.

10. Eventually once your cat is comfortable try removing all the litter from the colander.

11. If your cat is still doing well after a few days remove the colander from the toilet. You should have a potty trained cat.

Please note if at any time between steps you feel you need to repeat a step its ok, just be patient with your cat. Sometimes some cats in the process have accidents in other areas of the house just go back to the previous step for a few days then try again. Sometimes your cat will catch on and then you can proceed. It is well worth the effort. You will save money on buying the litter and time having to clean it.

Source by Jeannine Fehlow

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