Attracting birds into your garden is a popular hobby. After all, who can tire of seeing a huge selection of colorful, interesting wild birds going about their business. But all too often these are fleeting glimpses of birds arriving purely to feed before they disappear off somewhere else.

A few home owners though opt to take their bird watching to the next level by encouraging birds to stay around so they can see more natural behavior. And what could be better for this encouraging birds to actually nest and raise young in your garden? Not only is this great fun to observe but of course you will also be doing your bit for conservation.

So how do you encourage this?

The first thing to appreciate is that different birds like different nests so having an idea of ​​the birds you would like to attract can be useful. Providing a range of different sizes and styles of nestboxes can be very beneficial and ensure you get as many birds as possible to your garden.

Of course, you do not just have ot use the classic wooden bird boxes – there are plenty of other "home made" options that will work. Take containers – old kettles, saucepans, ice cream tubs and so on – the garden and many birds will even use these.

Lastly take care where you site your nest boxes. Breeding birds like lots of cover to feel safe to try to conceal them in denser parts of your garden where the birds can feel safe.

Source by Richard Adams

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