Many writers, no matter how experienced or disciplined they are, face a writers’ block problem every now and then. It manifests the same way for everyone. You just sit there and stare at the cursor, while the time you dedicated for your writing assignment slowly passes you by. It often happens when you either need to write about something you know very little or nothing about, or when you need to write 20 original articles on some same, boring and uninventive topic.

Pressure from deadlines will most likely help you to finally deal with writer’s block and give it a deadly blow. However, be prepare to pay the price – long, wake hours which you will spend writing, until the morning birds start their song, grumpy mood and bags under your eyes.

Here are three easy to follow steps that will help you overcome the annoying writers’ block.

1. Write a journal as often as you can. Keep a small notebook with you at all times, which will serve you to write down what is on your mind whenever an idea strikes you. You must have noticed how many times you thought about some interesting topic at inconvenient time, some which you would gladly develop into an article if you had a PC or a laptop. Later, you would completely forget about that topic and there is yet another idea lost in vain. Carrying a notebook will enable you to easily catch ideas and make drafts that you will later develop into beautiful articles. This practice will help you to continue writing when you come onto a gap, or you will simply use some draft you had made and continue writing from there.

2. When you try to come up with words and phrases and nothing comes out for a long time, it is time to make a break. Isolate yourself, go take a walk in your favorite park, watch something on TV or cook a meal. A break will help you to gather your thoughts again when the time comes, but in different order, so you will be able to skip the stumbling stone the next time you try.

3. Create a workspace that is pleasant and inspiring. Nothing can motivate you for writing more than a nice and comfy corner, which you arranged to fit your taste perfectly and when there is no place else where you would rather be sitting at that moment. Make sure not to put too many things in your working space that could serve as distractions, though. The last thing you need in the middle of your writer’s block is drifting away in sleepy thoughts over some photo or souvenir from the last vacation.

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