Believe it or not, despite the fact that dogs love to go for rides and explore all of the sights, many suffer from motion sickness. This condition puts the dog in a position where they start to feel sick and may even experience a type of disorientation that makes them uncomfortable when they are in motion. This type of sickness may be experienced while riding as a passenger in an automobile, while onboard a boat, or even while riding in an airplane. When a dog experiences motion sickness, many complications may occur. This is because of the fact that when the animal experiences the symptoms associated with the condition, they become uncomfortable and their stress levels increase. If you are the owner of a pet that has motion sickness, there are many things that you may do to help your dog overcome the issue.

There are several different reasons why a canine may start to experience motion sickness. In younger dogs, it is believed that the development of the inner ear has a direct impact on the development of the issue. It is believed that if a dog typically exhibits symptoms of hyperactivity that they may be subjected to the symptoms of motion sickness. Then, there are many dogs that may experience a type of anxiety when it comes to being in motion. The anxiety may be experienced because of the fact that the dog has had a traumatic experience in the past, they may feel uncomfortable in the vessel that is in motion, or they may feel confined. The first step to helping your dog overcome motion sickness is to make a determination of what could be possibly causing the issue and address that directly.

The next step that you may take in order to get your dog over motion sickness is to ensure that they are comfortable with the vehicle or the other motor vessel that you would like them to ride in. First, you could sit in your car, for example, and encourage your dog to join you through the use of positive praise and rewards. Once the dog is inside the car, simply go through the process of playing with it and talking to it. It is important to be completely positive and to give consistent praise to your pet. Occasionally, the pet will start to view the car as a place that is associated with excitation, praise, and rewards. This will be very beneficial in helping your pet overcome the anxiety and stress that could be leading to the sunset of motion sickness.

As you progress in assisting your dog in increasing motion sickness, you should advance in your endeavor by starting the engine and then driving around the block. Occasionally, you will find that you are able to travel longer distances without your dog developing motion sickness. If you find that your dog is unable to overcome this condition, it may be necessary to address the issue with your dog's doctor. There are many different forms of treatments for this condition if natural training and conditioning does not prove to be effective.

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