As Mother's Day comes around all scrapbookers will want to create a scrapbook layout – but for what purpose? Let me suggest that there are at least three things you should consider

1. Your Mother. Celebrate your Mother in a scrapbook or layout, large or small.

2. Your daughter. Scrapbooks get passed down to daughters. I do not know why. If you are lucky enough to have a daughter, think about adding a page to the special scrapbook you keep for her that shows something you and she have done in the past year.

3. Yourself. Add to your own scrapbook special times you've spent with your mother, your daughter, or both!

If your mother is a scrapbooker herself, you may like to create a layout for her to add to her own scrapbook. You can showcase things you've done together in the past year, or an event from your joint past. Choose a simple layout using colors to harmonize with the pictures you have. Sometimes the relationship between Mother and Daughter is not an easy one, so if you find yourself struggling to find the right words you can use something like a rub on to display your feelings, or find a poem or a favorite quotation on (Search for 'mothers') that sums up your relationship. One of my favorites is from Milton Berle 'If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?'

My mother and I have always had fun singing, so for me the ideal way to design a page for her is just to think of a line from a song. She is also particularly fond of butterflies, so it's always easy to find a theme for a page for her, and I enjoy creating colorful butterflies and flowers, with the Garden Delight or Patterned bug acrylic stamps from Inkadinkadoo. I usually stamp and emboss these onto colored cards and cut them out, but recently I've been experimenting with the Suakura embossing glaze pens, a fabulous way to make butterflies almost as colorful as the real thing. My latest page was made from the saying 'Friends are Flowers in Natures Garden' because I found we had lots of small pictures of our friends. I cut these into circles and made them the center of flowers. It was a two page layout with small 3D flowers along the lower border and stamped bugs and birds flitting among the blooms. A great big tag with the name of each friend finished off the page, tied with a toning ribbon. Flowers are always a safe theme for Mother's Day, but try to make it as personal as possible by choosing her favorite flower, her favorite animal or at least her favorite color.

If your mother is not into scrapbooking, you may prefer to make her a whole scrapbook, but there is no need to do this alone yourself.
This is a lovely project to do with your siblings, if you can get them interested. If not, and you have children, let them add what 'Grandma' means to them. Children do not always get the chance to do this. Each one can contribute, if not a page, a picture and tag that says something about what 'Mother' or 'Grandmother' means to them. The great thing about scrapbooks is that professional portraits and kids drawings can all have equal importance, it's the personal aspect that counts.

When choosing a theme for the whole scrapbook, how about a word. 'Busy' or 'creative' would be just right for my Mom, or a simple color scheme of blues and lilacs; You might look for them papers connected in some way to your Mother's interests. A friend of mine has a mother who has collected sheep all her life; Cuddly sheep, china sheep, glass sheep, every kind of sheep, so when they put together a scrapbook for her 60th birthday, guess what was the theme! In the past I've created an album with a pineapple theme and another for a friend who was seriously into rabbits. Both really enjoyed their personalized scrapbooks, but if there is nothing personal you can think of, try to get inspiration from your Mother's house. Her choice of decor should give you some clues.

For a whole scrapbook you will need

  • 1 album with page protectors
  • 20 good quality pieces of scrapbooking paper / card to use as a background. It's best to choose background paper that comes in sets, or to make your own, using card, stamps and distress inks. You can see how it's done in our YouTube video Ranger Distress Ink Ideas – just go to YouTube and search for Dinglefootdotcom.
  • Double sided tape
  • 6 or more pages of contrasting papers. You can cut border, mattes and tags from these sheets.
  • Assorted brads, stamps and embellishments, for example
    • Amy Butler Fabric Covered Brads ~ K & Company – use these to attach tags and journaling papers
    • Amy Butler Belle Chipboard Alphabet – K & Company – use these to make heading for some pages
    • 20 Blossoms 12 "x 12" Template ~ Hot Off the Press – use this template to create flower embellishments to add to your pages
    • Some Tim Holtz Distress Ink pads – use to create patterns on plain background pages or to stamp and emboss with.
  • A pen to write your journaling with, unless you plan to do this on a computer.
  • Other suggestions would include
    • And ink pad and embossing powder (gold and silver go with everything)
    • A paper punch to create cut outs on border or frames
    • Some frames to place over your pictures
    • Vellum to create focus on your pages
    • Some mattes to place under other pictures
    • Ribbon
    • Some rubber stamps
    • Scrapbooking can be a good way to use up broken items, broken earrings, left over buttons can all be glued in to pages to make delightful embellishments.

In terms of photographs, you'll need at least one for each event. Dig out pictures of your mother's life (ask friends and relatives if necessary) or simply concentrate on your life together. You can create an effective two page layout with just one picture on one page and some journaling on the other, but it can be boring if the whole album is the same. Try to vary the layouts and the shapes of the pictures so your pages do not all look the same, but remember there is no right or wrong. If it looks good to you, then it's perfect.

If you do not have time to create a scrapbook, buy your mother the next best thing, an introduction to scrapbooking as a hobby. A good book, an album to start with and a scrapbooking gift basket may be just the thing to get her started, and who knows what you might get, next year.

Source by Deborah Leaverton

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