You have sent a good deal of time building your model train display. You have added all kinds of interesting features such as a small lake with actual water, a shopping center complete with cars, and all kinds of different houses and buildings. Something is missing however and you can not quite figure out what it is. You lean in close and look at your little people and finally it clicks. There are no children! No town would be complete without kids so you decide to add them into your railroad.

First you add a daycare and a school. It still does not seem right though. You also add in figures of children near some of the adults. What is it that is missing now? Big Hint: Children playing!

Children can not just go to school or a babysitter's house. They have to be kids and get out and play. So what is the best way to add a playground to your model train layout? To decide this you must first know which kinds you would like and how many of each you want to build. To get some ideas you can check out local playgrounds and see what kind of equipment they are using. You may also look through advertising circulars and see what retail stores are currently selling. The equipment that they offer usually tend to be based on what customers are looking for so it will give you an idea of ​​the popular ones.

If you are looking to build one of the big backyard play sets that look like the ones that are built out of landscape timbers you can use Lincoln logs. They look just like the wood of the sets and are easily whittled down into the shape you need. They also work well if you want to create a playhouse for your playground or backyard equipment. All you have to do is to glue the "logs" into place and then paint it the color you want it. Another easy piece of easy to make playground equipment is a swing.

For the legs and the braces you can use a dowel rod. Just drill your holes into the top brace and insert the four legs. You then add your side braces between each set of legs. If you decide you would like a merry go round you can easily create one with wooden kids toys. Tires from model cars can easily become sand boxes. They also make very good tire swings. With a little imagination you can recreate most any piece of playground equipment that you can imagine.

The only thing that will limit you is yourself. If you want to find parts for your project you might consider cruising the local second hand stores and see if they ever get in broken toys that you can have or purchase. You might also be able to pick up some freebie stuff at yard sales on their last day. They will be ready to practically push it on you so you will probably get it for nothing or next to nothing. Keep your imagination running and eyes open and you will soon have your model railroad populated.

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