Every new, amateur and pro golfer will want to get more distance with your driver. It's as common and using a sand wedge in a bunker. When you look on the internet for this info, though, most golfers are running into an insane amount of information on how to do it. Which guides and tips work and which ones should be left alone? That's the million dollar question when you want to get more distance with your driver and I have a good solution.

What you need is a tried and true way to find the knowledge on how to get more distance with your driver. Most golfers are just going to use their trusty search engines and rely on the horrible random results that pop up. This is not the ideal way to find the "good" knowledge. Sure, you will get this long list of websites that have relevant info, but like I said before, much if it is gong to be conflicting.

How do you tell which websites have the information that has actually worked for other golfers? How do you know which ones have been proven to be useless? That's the problem. You need a way to weed through the mess, while finding the "tried and true" ways to get more distance with your driver.

So, how do you go about this? You do it by using the underulated golfing forums. They are breeding ground of knowledge. It's a simple way to find out the exact ways other golfers have improved with their drivers. Many golfing forums will be packed with topics about the subjects, You can see the things other golfers have done to see success and the things that did not work so well, so that you know to avoid them in the future. You can get more distance with your driver, but you need to get informed on what ways work better than the others and forums are the perfect solution.

Source by Adam Woodham

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