We have seen and heard from time to time regarding the various demonstrations that goes on supporting the cause of the nature. It’s true that our environment is dwindling and everybody needs to contribute to the cause, especially those who have direct effect on our environment. Yes eco-friendliness is the D word in today’s world and the best thing offices can do is to go along with the tide.

Here are five best ways offices could go green and in addition, there are cost savings associated with it:

1. Encourage Users Not to Print – The office management is solely responsible for encouraging users not to print unless absolutely required. This ensures that all print requirements take place through electronic media and hence reduce the use of paper. It cuts costs for the office and at the same time, is less taxing on our forests.

2. Avoid Disposable Cups – Another encouragement that needs to go out from the management is to use their own cups and mugs rather than the paper disposable cups that is mostly found in offices and enterprises. This is a double birdie with cost reduction and the need for paper.

3. Turn Off Computers – Turning off systems at the end of the day ensures maximum savings and effective green campaign. It saves precious energy which is derived from either nuclear plants or thermal plants and is generally regarded as a good practice for longevity of systems as well.

4. Re-Use Printed Sheets – Instead of circulating scribbling pads, encourage employees to use the blank side of discarded prints. Discarding prints is a big no-no, but is completely unavoidable. Making sure that the discarded prints don’t go waste is the best way forward.

5. Avoid Plastic Knives and Spoons – In your pantry and cafeteria, avoid leveraging on plastic disposable items that cause more harm than any good. Make use of real knives, forks and spoons instead. This can make a real impact on reducing the load on landfills.

Source by Martin J. Ward

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