Female orgasm is incomplete without you excite your partner at all or some of her female erogenous zones. Female orgasm is so easily realized when the female erogenous zones are thoroughly explored. Some females have been known to reach orgasm during foreplay just by tantalizing their female erogenous zones which save them sweet sensations up to orgasm. Sex is incomplete for the woman without her erogenous zones are given their due petting and pleasure. Female orgasm is more easily realized when the female erogenous zones are properly treated.

What are Female Erogenous Zones?

Female erogenous zones are the areas of the female anatomy that have heightened sexual sensitivity on touch. Stimulation of these female erogenous zones almost always results in predictable sexual response from women. Men and even women alike bought to know these female erogenous zones and how to tantalize them optimally for the sexual benefits of their partners. Most females lose the ability to refuse sex when you stimulate their erogenous zones in the right way. There are, of course, some females who are not moved when you touch some of their erogenous zones. Such females are few and far between.

Female Erogenous Zones

The female erogenous zones are located in all parts of the female body starting from the hair to the feet. The most noticeable and widely used female erogenous zones are the clitoris, the breasts, the vaginal entrance and the lips. While the clitoris is the most sensitive of the female erogenous zones, save its touch for the last. My partner and I start our love making from the fingers and palms of our hands and then move on to the arms. It is so romantically erotic when we intertwine our fingers and move them without a hurry up to our palms and arms and back to the fingers. Some other couples start from the toes and feet up. Have you ever tried giving her a feather-like touch all over her face? My partner never resists this move and it makes her so hot.

You know the lips but how far do you appreciate the electricity in her tongues? Explore her tongues next time you want to make love. Most times when I am inside my partner in the missionary style, our tongues are also doing their private liaison up there. Have you tried tailing her hair, or kiss her nose, eyelids or kiss her face? Touching her earlobes or kissing them or putting your tongue inside her ears pleasures her tremendously.

I give you a list of the female erogenous zones. There may still be others that work for you that do not excite my partner. But, come to think of it, can we leave anything out of the female body? The female body, naked or clothed has always presented wonderful pleasure and sexual arousal [http://provestra.amazonhealthpills.com] in the man and so every part of her body is exciting to us, even the unimaginable places.

I have withdrawn my list of female erogenous zones. I have picked the female body as the most romantically erotic female erogenous zone. Every part of her body is packed with tons of erotic dynamite. The important thing is how you deal with that particular anatomy. What has worked for my partner and I is sexual communication. We talk to each other through our love-making sessions. We also discovered that we make better love and achieve better pulsating orgasms when we have the lights on. We also found out that mornings are super for making love. What works for you?

Female Orgasm and Female Erogenous Zones

Tantalizing the female erogenous zones improves the quality of the female orgasm. Females are capable of multiple orgasms and the first female orgasm is the hardest to achieve and perhaps the least pleasurable to females who are multi orgasmic. Touching, kissing, licking, sucking the female erogenous zones enhance female orgasm. Use your knowledge wisely to pleasure your female partner into better female orgasm. Communicate with her on what she wants and what she feels when you do what you think sexually excites her.

Female Orgasm

In my previous article [Female Orgasm-Health Benefits], I mentioned that female orgasm was beneficial not just to the female recipient but to the entire household. Therefore, give her sweet sensations by helping her achieve orgasm always by exciting her female erogenous zones. Some females need help to achieve orgasm. Some females use sex toys and others use female libido enhancers in the form of libido booster pills and topical sexual enhancement creams. Do what works for you but properly arousse the female erogenous zones to achieve scintillating female orgasm.

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