Being a dog trainer and someone who works with the humane society it gives me a chance to try dog ​​training products on a great variety of dogs. These dogs love to see me coming because it means we get to go outside and play, train and generally have fun while I decide if the dog training equipment it rugged, stable, durable and generally a good product to recommend to my clients.

In my quest to find and review dog training products, this series of reviews will be based on the electronic training aids which are becoming more popular. I will review the Dogtra brand of products first.

I started with the Dogtra 175 as it is the base and beginner model. At first glance the transmitter, which is what you hold to press buttons and give stimulation, is about three inches tall and a little under two inches wide and about an inch thick. It has a very small antenna and a lanyard type of cloth strap to hang from your neck. The collar has a plastic or resin type of collar which holds the receiver box. There are plastic loops on the sides of the transmitter box that the collar straps go through. This will allow you to change the collar in the future if necessary. It also allows you to reposition the sender box anywhere on the collar to make it more convenient for you to attach the collar to your dog any way you like.

There are two sets of probes for the transmitter. One is a longer version for dogs that have the thick long fur. There is a red dog on the transmitter and collar and when you put the dots next to each other it will turn the collar on or off. The dial on the transmitter is a continuous movement, not a clicking type so you can slowly turn the dial to change the intensity.

The transmitter has two buttons. The top one is a "nick" and will give a slight stimulation such as a tapping feeling and that is all. The constant button will emit a continuous stimulation for a period of 20 seconds and then will quit. You would need to release the button and depress again to have the stimulation continue.

The collar has a decent range of 400 feet which is a good distance for someone going to a park with their dog. For the basic companion dog you do not need your dog getting that far away from you when training. The collar is waterproof so if your dog decides to go in the water you can be sure knowing the collar will not be ruined.

Source by Lesa Bolt

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