Everybody knows that Great Danes are one of our largest dog breeds. Not only do they have a lot of height, but they have a lot of love to give too and they are very devoted to their owners. They are a breed that really appreciates human contact and companionship. They could not be more happy than to spend the entire day with their adopted family! Wow can these dogs grow big! An average Great Dane will be seven meters high when they stand on their back legs – so it is possible for them to rest their front limbs on your shoulders and give you a nice slobbery kiss! In terms of weight, you can expect around 170 pounds – this will not be a doggy that you can carry around in your handbag!

So long as they receive obedience training from an early age, Great Danes do not have to be scared by small children, who can feel a little intimidated by them on first meeting. They actually love children so you should not have any concerns about bringing such a dog into your family home. Often called 'gentle giants', the Great Dane will grow surprisingly quick from birth, but then falls into a slow phase and taking up to three years before they fully mature. Like we mentioned before, their favorite pastime is being with you and the rest of the family – they will literally be on your heels whatever you expect to do. Although perfectly happy to be indoors with their owners, they should have the option of a large backyard to stretch their limbs and bounce around freely.

It does not stop at a big backyard either – you have to remember that due to their size and weight, they have a lot of power and can easily topple a fence or gate over if they were to simply lean against it. A strong fence and barrier from the outside world is a must for their safety and your security. Never leave them out in the garden if they do not have a sheltered area from sunlight and bad weather conditions. These adults need a lot of water and so, do yourself a favor and buy a good size drinking pot and always fill it with fresh water through the day. What else are you going to need to buy for your new friend? – Lots of toys of course! They can be a little hyperactive, especially as puppies and will need a lot of toys to entertain themselves with.

Big dogs slather and drool a lot, which can be a major drawback to some people. If you do not think you can live with this or handle the occasional drool in your slippers – then a Great Dane might not be the best choice of dog for you – it is however a minor issue with a dog so wonderful and kindhearted. Another important point to make is that they get very lonely when left without good company – it would be ideal if you have a lot of free time for them.

Despite having a large frame, they can be very susceptible to injuries and exercise will need to be kept fairly calm. Do not prompt them to jump around too much or take part in strenuous / lengthy activities. One thing is for sure – any potential intruders on your home will have second thoughts if they know what breed of dog is kept behind that gate – and when they sense a stranger approaching they can create a terrifying bark or growl!

Grooming is quite low maintenance in Great Danes who have short hairs. Brushing or combing once a week will benefit them though, stimulating a good blood circulation and bringing essential nutrients to the skin and coat. It is good advice to 'try before you buy' when it comes to Great Danes because all because they are incredibly good natured, they can be demanding on your time. Visit a breeder and ask to spend some time with their dogs to get a feel for their behavior and needs – other congratulations on choosing a Great Dane, they really are a spectacular breed!

Source by Kelly Marshall

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