There are many things that people love about beagles but of course, having problems with this breed is something that should be expected especially if your beagle is not trained. Training your beagle is very important in making your dog more disciplined. It can go a long way in preventing your dog from developing habits that can be annoying or destructive.

One of the annoying habits that beagles could develop, if not trained properly, is barking. Barking is the way most dogs communicate with their owners and it could be caused by many different things. Your beagle may start barking because it feels sad or lonely, it is trying to get your attention, it needs to go out, it is close to meal time, or just because it likes to do it.

At first, this habit may be tolerable but when it gets to happen too often it can become very annoying. That is why the first time that your dog starts barking for no reason then it should be corrected immediately. But you have to remember that you cannot make your dog’s barking stop completely and you shouldn’t. You just have to limit it to have more silent days and nights.

The first thing to do to control beagle barking is to determine what causes it. If the barking is reasonable then it would be okay but if your dog is barking for no reason at all then this should stop. Know why it is barking and make sure to not give in every time it barks because it will eventually signal your dog that it has dominance over you and will bark every time to get what it wants.

When your dog isn’t barking or is just silent, it will be the best time to praise it. This will tell your dog that it has done something right and that is being silent. Compliment it or give it a little pat just to let it know that not barking is a good thing.

Try teaching your dog to bark at command. This is a great trick to teach your dog because it will limit its barking and it can be a great way to impress visitors when they come over your home. Also, teach him to stay quiet with specific command words or with hand gestures to make it stop barking.

If your dog is barking because of the noise or because of some unfamiliar person or sound then help it become familiar to these things. If you have a new person over then allow your dog to familiarize itself with your visitor or try walking your dog to the area where the noise is so that your dog will be familiar with it and will not bark too much.

Barking is one of the most natural things that a dog does. It is their way of communicating with their owner and it is one way that they express themselves. That is why do not expect to be able to completely stop your dog from barking. It is just important to be able to control it so that it won’t be too disturbing.

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