Most of us are aware of the main problems that bad post can have on our well but, how can good posture cure anxiety and panic. It is not something that we worry too much about in our younger years. But as we grow older, years of bad post can have a terrible effect on our backs. There are lots of people who suffer from back pains later on in life and usually it is down to bad post from an early age. When we are born we have perfect posture. As we grow older we tend to pick up bad habits which lead to our posture getting worse over the years.

You are probably asking yourself how good posture can cure anxiety and panic issues. Allow me to explain. If you think about it, our posture has a huge effect on our breathing. If you have ever read anything about panic attacks before you will know that breathing is one of the most popular techniques when it comes to dealing with and finding a cure for panic and anxiety problems. If you are slouched over your muscles and organs become more compressed. This can restrict the capacity of your lungs limiting the amount of oxygen that you body can take in.

If a person feels uncomfortable on a constant basis and is full of fear it will show in their posture. Folded arms, lowered head, legs tucked into our bodies, hunched back and shoulders and other negative forms of body language are all results of somebody seriously lacking in confidence. This is something that is done subconsciously so the person who is doing it never thinks anything needs to be corrected. This can seriously affect their attempts to cure anxiety and panic in the lives.

Now that you are aware of this problem it may no longer affect your attempt to cure anxiety and panic issues. Start off practicing at home when you are sitting watching TV or eating your dinner. Let you close family know about it and ask them to correct you when necessary. With enough practice you will begin to do it on your own and ever it will be like second nature to you. If you improve your post you will cure anxiety and panic problems well in time.

Office jobs are plenty in today's world and being sat at your desk all day does not help your posture. In the search to cure anxiety and panic issues crouching over a computer is not exactly ideal. If this sounds like the job you have you will need to take action. Take a five minute break from being sat down every now and then and try to walk around a bit. There are also simple exercises that can be performed to help your posture and cure anxiety and panic problems.

Always remember that nothing comes easy. If you want to succeed in anything you will get out of it what you put into it – visit our recommended link below for additional help and support – its a great resource.

Source by Daniel Montague

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