Coping with anxiety and overcoming fear need to be addressed together. No one wants to live with anxiety where then fear becomes its illusive friend.

If you’re beginning to feel even just a little bit as though coping with anxiety and overcoming fear, are becoming a roadblock for maintaining physical and emotional stability, it’s absolutely time to take action.

I mean to learn that the Truth within you will help you cope with anxiety and overcome fear in many ways.

Let me ask you, would you rather experience light or darkness?

Knowledge and ignorance are both available for your choosing, but you can only have one or the other. Which do you truly want?

When the two are brought together, whatever is not real will merely fade away, because only truth can unite. Ignorance cannot be the truth, so all that remains at one with you is knowledge. Perception is the “go-between” by which ignorance finds knowledge.

But perception must be without deceit; otherwise it becomes a messenger for ignorance to mock and deride while hoping to derail knowledge.

True perception will carry ignorance into the open and welcoming arms of knowledge, where the search for the truth ends and ignorance fades away joyfully, thus coping with anxiety by overcoming fear. And then, wonderfully maximizing your true potential!

Miracles open our minds to a great thought: The blind become accustomed to their world by their adjustment to it.

The search for truth is an honest sorting out of everything including overcoming fear that has gotten in your way and interfered with the truth. This is where your errors come from and is why they can be so instantly undone by the Holy Spirit.

By now I hope you are looking at why you must overcoming fear and accept the fact that truth simply is what it is. It speaks for itself; it cannot be lost and is always there.

This is why it can’t be found.

Your search for it is not a search for the truth, but seeking for the means to accept what is already in you. Yes, the Truth! Think about it.

You can hide from unwanted truth by covering it up with fear. But it is still there-just covered by illusion. Wherever you walk, you now walk in fear that you made, and overcoming fear and coping with anxiety won’t happen while the truth in you remains hidden.

Then you feel guilt, because you know the truth is covered by you wanting to begin overcoming fear, thus generating more fear upon fear, and even fear of the pile of fears you made. This surely makes it difficult to cope with anxiety.

Have you ever tried to convince an unknowing individual about a matter that they truly do know, but are hiding from?

From their point of view, they tell you what you are saying is not the truth, because some important person said so. Yet it is the truth, and this “unknower” suspects that it is the truth, but will not admit it.

Miracles also prove to us that, The truth is true. Nothing else matters, nothing else is real, and everything beside it is not there.

Their inner suspicion is raised because God knows it to be true. All of their inner suspicion is really not a suspicion; it is a “knowing” that has been hidden away by fear.

Unknowing is therefore truly impossible.

It was never a point of view or a certainty at all, but merely a belief in something that doesn’t exist. Speaking the truth to uncertainty does not make the uncertain thoughts more real. In fact, these uncertain thoughts will vanish once certainty stares them in the face.

The emphasis for coping with anxiety and overcoming fear needs to be on bringing what is undesirable to you out in the open to face what is desirable.

In other words, once you truly see what you do want, you will leave behind what you don’t want-as in “never looking back.” What is past is now gone forever.

By placing your thoughts on what you truly want, rather than your past errors, you will automatically cast out illusions and begin coping with anxiety by overcoming fear.

Yes, and you will have a slight smile while watching the illusion of it all fade away.

To fear fading away

Source by James Nussbaumer

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