So what is it about you that can draw one person but turns another off? What are the factors that will lead to sexual or emotional attraction, or even love at first sight? Understanding which of these factors will make someone else fancy you underpins all the work involved in enhancing your techniques to achieve success.

Did you ever meet someone you feel for instantly?

Superficial attraction is governed by social ideals of looks and behavior, but to be deeply appealing to a potential partner you will have to your way through much deeper layers of animal instinct and emotional baggage. There is a need for genuine, long lasting attraction that is individual, and based on complex values. You have your own blueprint, and so does the one you fancy.

The appeal of stereotypical good looks is primarily a matter of social success. Women tend to be less swayed by visual impressions than men. This often makes us easier to please in the looks department. If a man is aesthetically challenged, a woman will often assess his potential for change and improvement. The question is whether this man can be groomed and tidied up?

Another crucial value of what women are looking for that joins and what does not: Will this person provide me with healthy offspring?

You want sex to bond, and to have fun, and to procreate. Your potential girlfriend will be rating your value value in terms of all three, even if the last option is unlicensed or unpopular on a conscious level. You will be studied for signs of good health and breeding potential.

We all seek emotional 'balances' from a new relationship. These are the rewards and comforts that come from conversation and behavior. Will you make your partner happy? To re-create comfort, or repeat patterns of love, people often seek out the familiar, even when that pattern of relationship was heavily dysfunctional. Ever wondered why you always see people getting divorced again and again with alcoholics or partners forward to family violence?

The last factor that a woman will consider before she gets involved in a relationship is to use logic or intellectual reasons. A woman hunts for someone who can give her security, which makes it possible for a woman to be attracted to wealth and power. This is because the woman feels that the powerful and rich man can take better care of her needs rather than the handsome impoverished man. If a man is good looking and wealthy, she might consider the man to be too seductive to other women based on the qualities he possess.

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Source by Jeanice Hilton Freeman

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