Golden Retrievers are a wonderful family dog ​​and it is not surprising that many Queenslander, many Australians in fact want their own Golden Retriever. But are there any special considerations you need keep in mind with a Golden Retriever.

Firstly Golden Retrievers are a medium dog with a thick coat. The breed was originally bred to be a hunting dog in Scotland where such a coat would help keep it warm, but here in Queensland, Australia the Golden Retrievers thick coat needs extra attention particularly in our warm climate.

In Summer make sure you keep excess hair on your dog to a minimum. This includes brushing your Golden Retriever at once a day to remove extra hair. As the weather changes through the year your dogs coat will change to provide extra or less warmth as required. Always make sure you include plenty of water as a dog can help maintain its heat level by maintaining proper hydration levels. In fact on particular hot days the best way to cool a Golden Retriever down is to play on its love for water and let it jump into a river, beach, lake or pond. If your dog appears to be under heat stress wet its whole coat.

Golden Retrievers coats also gives a hiding place for ticks and fleas. Rather than taking the time consuming process of hunting out these parasites it is better just to medicate your dog. There are now several products on the market that not only worm your dog but give flea and tick protection as well. These are a one pill application that can last up to a couple of months. Certainly better than messing around with flea powder or collars.

Golden Retrievers are a medium to large dog and eat as such, eating meals larger than most humans could happen in one sitting. Remember in winter particularly in a cold area to feed your dog more to make up for the extra energy it will burn staying warm and to back off a bit in summer. In the middle of winter do not feed your dog food straight out of the fridge or freezer – make sure its at least room temperature first.

Permanent Golden Retrievers not being breed with Queensland environment in mind, being such a versitile dog they do well here anyhow, so long as you to the basics of maintaining the coat, providing food and water and intervene during temperature extremes if necessary.

Source by Alastair Harris

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