It is extremely difficult to start breeding golden retrievers if you have never done it before. It is exceptionally complicated, and not easy at all. One must never try to breed, unless they have a real interest and a lot of knowledge in doing so. It is also not fair to the coming litter if they turn out to be something they are not supposed to be. You should never breed a few puppies to make a fast buck. Several problems arise if the breeding is not done properly, and there may be congenital defects in the puppies which have not been weeded out by you.

Good breeders always take meticulous pains to ensure that they do not pass on bad genes to the offspring from its parents. Breeding golden retrievers is a serious affair, and sometimes you have to make a few very important choices, which can affect the life or death of one or more animals. Even that is an expensive issue, hence a lot of care goes into breeding golden retrievers of good pedigree. You must have time to bear the responsibility of the outcome of the breeding process.

As far as the dog is concerned, breeding may help fulfill the need of a female golden, although the dog has no way of knowing what it has been missing until having been bred. When a golden retriever is pregnant, one needs to be extra careful. If you have spayed your golden retriever, then she will not be able to breed at all. Quality breeders have a lot of different choices. After a lot of consideration, they will choose both the mother and father, based on their lineage, intelligence, breeding, temperament and age.

A good breeder will take into account history of health problems, so that they can be eliminated in the litter. They will also do a whole load of medical tests to find out what the female's medical history is, and choose a male based on the results of the counterpart medical tests for males. Males with genetically passable diseases will usually automatically be rejected.

He will have to spend a lot of time in getting both the male and the female together. He may even have to help facilitate the union between both the animals, in case they are not mating as per schedule. This can often get tricky if both animals are not your own.

The workload will increase for the breeder if the mother of the litter proves to be unfit. If the mother is unable to feed the puppies, then the breeder has to step in and help. Let me caution you – this is a very difficult job. It will become the breeder's job to feed the young and to keep them healthy. Besides this, breeders have to incur expenses in getting the mother ready for delivery, as well as taking care of the pups during the time they are with the breeder.

If you really want to get into breeding golden retrievers, study up on the topic – the Internet provides a lot of helpful advice. All the best!

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