Humans are pecicular creatures and being strange, their minds most often amuse their psyche with unusual tricks. These mind performances frequently deceive the individual and trigger an element of confusion between the reality of the moment and an active imagination. I would volunteer that this oddity of nature was precisely the case involving my cat C-Dee and my self. I obtained C-Dee as a pet when she was a mere kitten of only six weeks of age. C-Dee had essently grown up with me from my first year in high school until her untimely departure.

Our lives were intermingled as we seemed to share a similar "free bird" style of temperament and usually got along quite well with each other. I would lay in my comfortable bed in the morning not really wishing to get up when C-Dee would leap onto my cot and begin nibbling lightly on my ears in her effort to wake me up as if she knew it was time for me to get Ready for school.

In the evening when I would return home after a busy day C-Dee would be sneakily hiding behind the living room door. It was uncanny how the cat could sense exactly what time I was expected to make my entrance through the front door of the home and begin my journey through the living room. Each time the door was opened and I walked in C-Dee would patiently wait for the proper moment and then leap out from behind the door as she mischievously attacked my leg. It was kind of amusing watching her dexterously hold onto my leg as I walked from room to room around the house.

Even though I was an active teenager with a demanding social schedule, I always managed to make the necessary time to entertain C-Dee which contributed significantly to the historical bond established between the two of us. Visitors would repeatly comment how C-Dee would act more like a pet dog then she did a feline.

It was not unusual to find that in the middle of the night C-Dee would linger until she was convinced that I had fallen fast asleep and then she would stroll down the hallway towards my room. Being an older home and having no form of carpet upon the hallway floors you could potentially hear the cat's paws as they scraped and dragged over the boards of the floor, slowly making her way towards the confines of my bedroom.

Upon arriving at my bedroom C-Dee would swiftly leap onto my bed and proceed to cuddle up across my legs and feet. This ritual was predestined to become a nightly ceremony and I can imagine with a degree if certainty that both C-Dee and my self looked forward to the act each evening. Since C-Dee had grown into a very large cat it was easy to distinguish when she leaped upon my bed, as I was immediately awakened long enough to detect that she had laid herself across my legs at which time I would once again doze off.

I memorized that fateful day when we had just been given a few Alaskan Husky dogs and were trying to qualify to locate suitable homes for them, when my cousin came to visit. Knowing the dogs in question, she was given strict orders not to remove the dogs from the basement since their combined strength would easily overwhelm her. One evening as I returned from school I felt an odd sensation. My heart felt heavy with sadness but at the time I had no explanation as to why. As I opened the door of our home and proceeded to walk into the living room I was greeted by a frightful sight. No sooner had I entered the room when my eye quickly made the two powerful Husky's busy mercilessly mauling C-Dee. I ran to the location of the attack and try as I did there was simply no way I could get them to release the cat from their clamped jaws. Poor C-Dee died helplessly in my arms that evening. No longer would I walk into my home and find the playful cat hiding behind the door. No longer would I wake in the early hours of the morning to the playful nibbling on my ears. Those days were now gone forever and all that will remain is the memories.

I took C-Dee's death very hard and was understandable disturbed for several weeks after the incident had transpired. I was still too young to fully appreciate the concept of death and as such was bothered very much by the incident, so much that I experienced difficulty sleeping in the weeks ahead. One night as I lay in bed and pondering the events of the past several weeks and persistently thinking about how much I missed C-Dee, I finally managed to fall sleep. During the early hours of the morning I was abruptly awakened at the all familiar sound of the floor boards in the hallway. Fear hastily overtook me and my imagination drifted in all sorts of morbid directions.

"What could it be," I thought, "Perhaps we had a burglar in our home".

As I lay trembling with my blanket held close to my face, I all of a sudden felt the bed shake slightly as if something had hastily and forcefully directed onto it. Within moments of the jolt I felt over with a warm feeling flowing across my legs. For some bizarre reason I now felt calm and no longer afraid while inside mere seconds I was once again sound sleep.

After several days had past and as I began thinking about that unique evening, I vividly remembered the series of events as they had occurred. I clearly recalled all the sounds that I had heard and what transpired prior to my dozing off again. Although the complete situation appeared to be a bit odd to say the least, I decided that it must have been my mind playing havoc me or was it C-Dee who had come back to provide me with one last minute bit of comfort before moving On? Sometimes we will never know for sure.

By Joseph Parish

Copyright @ 2010 Joseph Parish


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