Is your beta fish dying?

Would you want to know if your fish has a fighting chance at pulling through, turning things around, and regaining its health or not?

Fortunately, most beta fish illnesses can be cured. Time is on your side, as long as you take immediate action to set things straight and nurse your fish back to health.

I know, from personal experience, how heart-wrenching and painful it can be to see your beta suffer. But I'm here to tell you that you do not need to be planning any ceremonial toilet flushings just yet. Do not write your little marine friend off as a beta fish dying just yet.

One of my beta fish developed a huge goiter on its underbelly. It was extremely bloated, and it would have difficulty balancing itself straight. You could tell that swimming was more of a struggle for the little guy. My beta would still swim around actively and would still eat.

I tried using some beta medication which I bought from the local pet store for about a week, but it did not seem to work. I even thoroughly cleaned my fish tank. That did not seem to help either.

So, you should take comfort in the fact that beta fish are resilient creatures. As long as you pay attention to their needs by feeding them properly, keeping their habitat clean, keeping them comfortable, happy, and stress-free, they can live healthy, happy lives, for several years. If you go the extra mile to care for your beta, you may be able to prolong their lives for even longer.

Source by Erica Bowman

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