Beagles have always been one of the most playful dog breeds and because of it high energy and playfulness they tend to do many different things to initiate playtime with its owner or with anyone who will shower them with attention. And the most common way of a beagle initiating playtime is through biting.

Beagle biting is very common with this kind of dog breed. Sometimes this isn’t a sign of aggression but more of a sign of playfulness. But not all biting means that it just wants to play. Other beagles do the biting if they feel like they are dominant against the other person or if they perceive someone as a threat to them or to the family. They often do this for self-preservation or protection.

Trying to handle a beagle in pain can also cause the beagle biting. Again, this is done because it wants to protect itself and it is their way of lashing out about the pain or the panic that they are feeling. That is why when they are hiding under the couch or the bed because of loud sounds or things that rattle them, it is best to leave them alone because they might just try to bite you if you force them out.

If your beagle is a well-trained beagle then the probability that it would bite someone would be lower compared to an untrained beagle. That is why it is important to correct beagle biting at the very first attempt of your dog. This should be part of your beagle training to make it safer to play with the beagle and to be around it, especially when there are young kids in your home.

There are many ways to prevent your dog from biting and the best way to do it is to make sure that it socializes enough. Give your dog the opportunity to mingle with other dogs and other people during its childhood stage. When your dog is used to being around people and dogs then it wouldn’t resort to biting since it wouldn’t feel anxious or fear in the presence of other people and dogs.

It is also important to let your beagle know who is in control. When the beagle feels that it is more dominant than you then it will probably try to prove it through biting. Playing a little tug of war and making sure that you win will teach your dog that you are the dominant one.

When your dog gives you a serious bite then you can get a professional to help you deal with this problem. Beagle biting can be fixed by professional training. In this case, it will always be best to get a trained professional to teach the dog not to do this and to completely stop this habit or action.

Some people think that biting is just a playful banter but you never know when the bite might get serious. That is why it is important to correct this as early as the first incident to make sure that no one in your family will get hurt in case your dog starts to practice beagle biting.

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