If you wish to make a vibrant looking piece of beaded jewelry then the ideal colors to use are yellow and red combined. Both yellow and red are most suitable as single colors for adding a powerful touch to beaded jewelry. Yet when they are used as a combination, their dynamic impact is increased significantly.

Both red and yellow are each individually warm and emotional colors. However, when used together they tend to animate each other, so appearing even more exuberant and energetic. Yellow and red combined are like powerful and proclaiming trumpets and trombones being played for a majestic occasion. These colors create a sizzling sense of excitation. Red is the color of passionate emotions, yellow representations joy and inspiration. Both are overflowing with vitality

Yellow. In the form of gold, and red, as the color for gems, are often used in combination to create precious and imposing jewelry. Beading with ceramics or plastic beads, however, makes it possible to use the colors to show off their full fiery expression. They are a great color pair for creating informal, fun-loving, energetic jewelry. The wonderful ceramic and plastic beads available are ideal for this laughing pair of colors. Such beaded jewelry will be sending out signals of exhilarating joy and will certainly attract a great deal of attraction, both to itself as well as to the person it adorns.

It is fun to experiment with the various expressions that colors create when you are designing your beaded jewelry. Red and yellow allow you to make very expressive pieces and you will discover how they almost lead you to choose the most suitable beads for your creations. Since they are strong colors, they will certainly require bold beads and articulate design. You will no doubt end up with a piece of Invigorating jewelry that makes you look as equally energetic and joyful.

Source by Doreen Richmond

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