Many women are led to believe by peers and the media that they need a man who is submissive and passive. In reality, if they had the chance to compare or think for themselves, they would prefer a man who is self-assured, and direct. However, they may never admit to this, as over the decades social engineering has led people to think it is wrong for men to be assertive and confident and they should exhibit more sensitive and compliant traits.

Indeed, women who choose the so-called alpha male are often stereotyped in films and television dramas as being less stable, more promiscuous and having hostile, sexist attitudes towards their fellow females. They are typically depicted as preferring short-term relationship and indulging in frequent, uncommitted sexual activity. Obviously this is not so. Many of the most successful, long-term relationships are where the man and woman involved are content to portray their masculine and feminine roles and appreciate each other for these very traits. A study by sociologists at the University of Washington found that couples who follow traditional gender roles around the house – wives doing the cooking, cleaning and shopping, men doing the DIY and maintaining the car – reported greater sexual frequency. A regular sex life is known to be healthy for your mind and body.

It does appears that in recent years men have been emasculated. They are frequently confused as to the behaviour expected of them. At some point this century, assaulted by a hard-headed, feminist, politically correct group, many decided it was time to stop being masculine and demonstrate their inner woman instead. Simply put, being a man has become unfashionable.

But has equality for women come at the cost of masculinity? If being overtly masculine is viewed as sexist, what remains of a man divested of his gender identity is arguably sexless. Is androgyny a positive gender adaptation?

So what or who is the alpha male? A man who has confidence in his masculinity and presence is often referred to as an alpha. There is obviously a scale in respect of alpha male traits an individual man can demonstrate. In my opinion a true alpha male has many positives including the following qualities.

He is in control of his character, in that he knows his strengths and recognises his weaknesses. He displays upfront honesty.

He is secure in all areas of his life and enjoys helping and educating others in order to empower. Not fearing competition.

He continually seeks to improve his brain and understanding of the world around him.

An Alpha male is a natural leader. He can be relied upon to provide direction when needed, as he has a natural ability to solve problems.

He understands that growth will happen when you step out of your comfort zone and he will readily do this.

The media will characterise him as:

A man who needs to gain as much power and control as he can and steal both from a woman.

An aggressive and domineering man.

Ruthless, intimidating, and confrontational.

Arrogant, stubborn and over opinionated.

If you consider the media’s continued efforts to shatter positive views regarding alpha males it becomes clear that social engineers have an agenda in which it has invested much time, effort and money over the years. It was they who created the feminist movement. Third wave feminists continue the campaign to castrate the masculine male.

Devoid of alpha males, communities and families become easier to brainwash and control. The continual breakdown of the traditional family unit can be attributed to the emasculation of males and the consequent inability to supply the family with a traditional husband and father role. Rather than a family taking care of its own needs the state has to intervene more and more, exercising additional control over the children, defining and determining their place in the world and ensuring they never rise above that pre-ordained position or think for their selves.

It is time the passive male was disregarded. The alpha male once again seen as a positive role model for young boys to look up to and for women to choose. It is time traditional values were once again recognised as the constructive way to behave in society. Minority groups given the subdued recognition that reflects their minimal numbers. Conventional roles need to be upheld as the proud norm and not as a dying, outmoded, diffident choice.

Source by May More

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